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Virtualization-Ready SFF NUC Platforms are rugged, configurable.

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May 06, 2014 - Designed around Intel®'s Next Unit of Computing (NUC), RoughNUC-Max accommodates full range of NUC chipsets and processors. Expansion bay areas allow peripheral or customer I/P expansion (SATA, GPS, 3G/4G, CAN, Serial, I²C, SPI, PoE, DAQ). Designed to serve Intelligent Systems solutions™ with Microsoft® embedded and cloud platforms for connectivity, security, usability, and scalability, each ultra-SFF system is application-ready with range of OSs.

Cadia Networks - Laguna Hills, CA

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RoughNUC-Max Platforms by Cadia Networks

Press release date: May 01, 2014

The I/O you Need with the Processors you Want!

Laguna Hills, CA—Cadia Networks announces the latest addition to its family of ruggedized NUC products with the introduction of RoughNUC-Max Platforms.

RoughNUC-Max platforms are highly configurable, rugged conduction cooled & vent free ultra-small form factors systems designed around Intel’s Next Unit of Computing (NUC). RoughNUC-Max platforms can accommodate the full range of NUC Chipsets & Processors for now and into the future. Each offers a unique and rich set of peripheral options making them a great solution for a number of embedded Intelligent Systems applications.

Next Units of Computing: Ivy Bridge 3rd Gen Core Celeron, i3 & i5, Haswell 4th Gen Core i3 & i5, Both Celeron & Atom Baytrail, Plus Tunnel Creek Atom, the “Minnowboard”

As its name implies, the expansion bay areas of these platforms allow for maximum peripheral or customer I/P expansion well beyond just a SATA device. Need GPS, 3G.4G, CAN, Serial, I2C, SPI, POE, DAQ ? We are Ready!

Hardware is nothing without your OS of choice. Furthermore, Cadia understands every vertical market application has different set of requirements based on performance, protocol stacks, graphics/HMI, communications, power saving and more. As such, RoughNUC-Max platforms are application ready with a wide range of standard and embedded Operating Systems: Windows 7/8, Compact 2013, Automotive 7, WES7, WES8 and variants. Linux Ubuntu, Yocto.

Cadia products are designed to serve the Intelligent Systems solutions™ with Microsoft® embedded and cloud platforms for connectivity, security, ease of use, and scalability.

Many of today’s applications run on multiple processor cores which makes them Embedded Virtualization compliant. All the Rough NUC Max platforms are Virtualization Ready and can run Hyper-V as well as custom Virtualization platforms for running multiple operating systems. Cadia’s Virtualization Ready Images provide you with a choice of up to 2 VM Operating Systems pre-installed.

Need a custom OS/Drivers with Application examples for your end product? We are Ready!

Ask About our Custom Product Configurator and we will customize a solution that is ready to run your Application for your Custom Application.

RoughNUC-Max standard and application specific configurations are available to serve applications in the Transportation, Automotive Systems, Network Appliances, IoT Gateways and Digital Signage markets today and more to come. Here are just a few examples:

Haswell i5/i3/Celeron NUC, DCDC Converter for wide input voltage range and delayed ON/OFF. Optional CANbus, Video Capture and Removable Drive Bay, 3G wireless, GPS, WiFi, IR

Baytrail Atom/Celeron NUC, 5 GigE Router with management software, 3G wireless

Ivy Bridge i5 NUC, Triple Independent Displays, Triple Gigabit Ethernet

The RoughNUC-Max platform provides you with all the headroom for vast expansion. Coupled with Cadia’s unique end-to-end solution architecting, the product you want will have a shorter time to market. Simply define for us the NUC of choice and provide your specific system requirements.

RoughNUC-Max offers maximum NUC expansion of your applications. The I/O you need, with the processor you want!

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About Cadia Networks
Based in Southern California, Cadia Networks is an innovative supplier of embedded computing solutions based on a broad range of application specific board level products and systems. We serve a variety of vertical markets and applications such as Point-of-Sales, M2M Intelligent Gateways, Network Appliances, OPS Modules, Media Servers and Digital Signage. The majority of our products are built around open industry standards.

The founding principles of Cadia Networks each have over 25 years in the embedded computing market. Their senior level executive management experience allows Cadia Networks to engage in a wide range of business opportunities with great depth. We offer standard off-the-shelf products, standard product variances and full ODM/OEM custom designs.

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