Vinyl Coated Fabric suits mass transit market.

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NaugaTrans meets DOT Federal Railroad Administration 49 CFR Part 216 Federal Register Vol 64, No 91 Rules and Regulations for flammability and smoke emission requirements. Intended for use in subway cars, buses, and train cars, material is offered in most colors used by public transporation. It meets low smoke, low flame requirements (2-200 specification) and passes accelerated weather resistance testing. Seating vinyl is available in 54 in. width rolls.

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Naugahyde® Laser-Focused on Growth

Nappanee, IN "We're laser-focused on the growth of Naugahyde(r)," stated Larry Bressler, Vice President and General Manager of Naugahyde Uniroyal Engineered Products a Stoughton, Wisconsin based manufacturing facility. "Our goal is to grow by 30 percent over the next year and we believe this is a very attainable goal. With new product lines and additional new markets, specifically in the transportation market, we've already hired additional employees to our staff in Stoughton to keep up with the workload."

Naugahyde(r) has recently introduced several new products geared to both the mass transit market and the automotive segment.

NaugaTrans was designed for the mass transit market. This vinyl coated fabric construction meets the Department of Transportation Federal Railroad Administration 49 CFR Part 216 Federal Register Vol. 64, No 91 (Wednesday, May 12, 1999) Rules and Regulations for flammability and smoke emission requirements, a regulation that few other vinyl fabrics are currently able to meet, according to Bressler. Intended for use in subway cars, buses and train cars, NaugaTrans is available in most colors currently in use by public transportation. Other colors, patterns, and grains are available. It meets low smoke, low flame requirements, better known as the 2-200 specification and has passed accelerated weather resistance testing. The seating vinyl is available in 54" width rolls.

"We've hired Fred Aufterhaar, well-known in the automotive industry, to direct the sales of our new products in Detroit. Naugahyde(r) has a long-standing reputation for its innovative development of automotive products," stated Bressler. "We plan to continue the tradition as we challenge our staff of technicians to develop new high tech products for the automotive industry."

Automotive dashes, seats, pillars, door panels are current products using Naugahyde(r)

To better serve their clients, Naugahyde divided the business into three succinct sectors. While Fred Aufterhaar will act as Sales Manager for the Automotive Sector, John Bergman, Sales Manager, Distributor Development, will be responsible for the distribution network. Currently some of Naugahyde's products are distributed through a nation-wide network of distributors. John has been with Naugahyde for over 30 years. Mike Jobe has been hired as VP of Sales and will follow the development of new products for several market segments. Jobe has had several years of experience in vinyl-coated fabrics prior to joining Naugahyde.

Naugahyde(r), the original vinyl-coated fabric, was first produced in Naugatuck, Connecticut in 1914. Since it had many of the characteristics of a leather hide and made in Naugatuck, the name Naugahyde(r) resulted.

Naugahyde(r) is now manufactured exclusively in Stoughton, Wisconsin, and distributed worldwide by an authorized distributor network. The fabric is widely used in a variety of markets including hospitality, health care, transportation, recreation, residential and many other commercial applications. One of the largest applications is for seating in these markets.

Naugahyde(r) is a product of Uniroyal Engineered Products, LLC manufactured in Stoughton, Wisconsin. Their web site is located at

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