Village of Schaumburg Ensures Employee Alignment, Prepares for Impending Retirement Wave with SuccessFactors

Chicago Suburb with 75,000+ Population to Speak at SuccessConnect Chicago in Customer Breakout Session

SAN MATEO, Calif. - Today, SuccessFactors, Inc. (NASDAQ:SFSF) announced that Village of Schaumburg, a suburb outside of Chicago, IL with a population of over 75,000, is cultivating top talent and aligning employee goals with annual strategic initiatives using SuccessFactors' Business Execution Software (BizX) Suite.

Beginning in 2006, Schaumburg proactively set a strategic objective to foster employee development and to avoid anticipated retirement problems. Faced with 60 percent of its leaders eligible for retirement in the next five years, including 82 percent of one department, and an estimated cost of over $90,000 for a bad hire, Schaumburg turned to SuccessFactors both to identify and to develop high potential employees, as well as mitigate negative effects of retirement.

To this end, Schaumburg selected SuccessFactors' BizX Suite to enable full transparency into how the community performs across its entire population of city employees. Using SuccessFactors, the village has increased employee engagement by setting and clearly communicating goals, cascaded from annual strategic initiatives set by the village manager. Schaumburg has also enabled employees and managers alike to monitor progress against individual goals in order to maximize productivity. Further, SuccessFactors' Learning & Development solution has outlined measurable steps for professional development to encourage and establish career trajectories within Schaumburg.

Through executive support from the village manager, Schaumburg has been able to achieve 100 percent adoption across all village employees, in spite of the fact that many have limited access to computers. With such high levels of confidence in SuccessFactors, the village even created a computer room in the Engineering and Public Works Department, as well as work stations in its fire stations and police department, to enable all employees to use the BizX system on a regular basis and ensure continual interaction. A customer of SuccessFactors for almost five years, the village currently uses six modules from the SuccessFactors BizX Suite, including Goal Management, Performance Management, Employee Profile, Learning & Development and 360-Degree Reviews.

"We've partnered with SuccessFactors to bring a sense of accountability to all employees and provide valuable insight on performance across all departments and levels," said Patty Hoppenstedt, director of human resources, Village of Schaumburg. "How we're managing our talent is one of many key components driving our community forward, and we see SuccessFactors as a true partner in our results and fully committed to our success."

"We've received tremendous feedback from employees on the ease-of-use and visibility SuccessFactors provides into performance and goal alignment. Across all departments and levels, employees know exactly where they stand, what they should be working on and how their individual goals align with the long-term goals of Schaumburg," said Paula Hewson, senior assistant to the village manager, Village of Schaumburg. "When our employees know that they're working in support of the strategic plan the village manager and board have laid out, they're that much more productive."

"By continuing to engage and develop its workforce, Schaumburg will help ensure that employees are aligned with overall strategy and that that they have the right people in the right places for years to come," said Jay Larson, vice president of global enterprise and sales, SuccessFactors. "Whether it's the private or the public sector - or thriving communities like Village of Schaumburg - SuccessFactors is there to provide the transparency and high level of communication necessary to ensure everyone in an organization is working toward the right goals every day."

The Village of Schaumburg's Director of Human Resources, Patty Hoppenstedt and Senior Assistant to the Village Manager, Paula Hewson will speak at a customer breakout session at SuccessConnect Chicago, taking place September 16-17. Following sold-out conferences in San Francisco and New York in May and Gold Coast, Australia in August, the event will assemble customers and partners, as well as industry analysts and thought leaders, to share experiences and discuss how to best leverage SuccessFactors' BizX Suite across all organizations to accelerate business execution and achieve maximum results. Members from the SuccessFactors executive team will present the opening keynote for SuccessConnect Chicago. For more information on the event, and to register, please visit:

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