Video Visitation System aids correction facility monitoring.

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Voice Wise Video Visitation Product Set, intended for corrections industry, is comprised of 4 components: tamper-resistant Visitation Stations, configurable as Inmate or Visitor Client Station with 2 handsets for 2 simultaneous visitors; Monitoring Station used by correctional staff; Voice Wise Server; and Recording Server. Also available, Edge Power Free (EPF) Modules option eliminates need for 120 Vac electrical power within 100 ft of cell block/visitation area.

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Edge Access Launches Video Visitation

TAMPA, Fla. -- Edge Access, a leading developer and integrator of VoIP Technologies, is excited to announce its NEW Voice Wise Video Visitation Product Set for the Corrections Industry.

Building on its premier Voice Wise Server Series product line, Edge Access designed and integrated video and scheduling attributes into its Voice Wise Server, added a couple of video client stations, monitoring capability, and a unique feature - making an even more robust solution. To demonstrate the performance benefits, trials of this NEW Voice Wise Video Visitation System are already underway.

There are four components of Edge Access' Voice Wise Video Visitation System - tamper-resistant Visitation Stations (configurable as an Inmate or Visitor Client Station, which is available with two handsets for two simultaneous visitors); a Monitoring Station used by correctional staff who are monitoring scheduled visitations; the Voice Wise Server is responsible for routing and authentication; and a Recording Server that records and stores both inmate and visitor sessions. Additionally, Edge Access offers a unique industry option - the Edge Power Free (EPF) Modules, which eliminates the need for AC 120V electrical power within 100' of the cell block and/or visitation area.

Trials, which have been ongoing for months, are being conducted in select counties throughout Florida. Each trial includes live, real-world visitations using a multi-station system at select county facilities in various sized implementations.

Edge Access is laser focused on developing and delivering VoIP solutions to the most pressing requirements for tactical and video communications. "We are not the first video visitation system to market; but, Edge Access offers two key differentiators," says Rob Veschi, President of Edge Access. "The inmate and visitor sessions may be interrupted and managed independently of one another' and the Edge Power-Free Modules eliminate the need and associated risk for any visibly accessible external A/C power source."

About Edge Access

As a technology developer, integrator, and manufacturer, Edge Access continues to pioneer advanced VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and data solutions specializing in Tactical Communications for Law Enforcement, Homeland Security and First Responders as well as video visitation for the Corrections Industry.

For more information, contact Christina L. Veschi at (813) 486-4520.

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