Video Quality Test Made Easy and Accurate with New Instrument

The new Q-Master2 test toolset with the ITU-T recommendation J.341 makes it easy to accurately and reliably determine video quality with a single measure.

LOS ALTOS, Calif., -- Video content distribution is exploding as video is becoming available on an ever increasing number and types of devices. All this video content is compressed somewhere in the stream. The video compression as well as many other signal processes along the line can, and often do, cause video quality degradation. To accurately and reliably measure the degradation QoE Systems (see has developed the tools to do this easily. With the help of an algorithm recently recommended by the ITU-T (recomm. J.341) the Q-Master2 toolset measures the video quality using a single metric: MOS (Mean Opinion Score). The MOS measures the video quality as perceived by an actual viewer.

ITU-T J.341

Recently (Jan.'11) the ITU-T has released their recommendation J.341 (, which is the most recent video quality test recommendation and includes psycho-visual metrics to accurately predict the MOS. This recommendation is for a proprietary algorithm, VQuad, which came out "head and shoulders" above any of the 14 candidate algorithms, including those from the leading companies working in this field (see The J.341 recommendation test scores have up to 92% correlation with subjective scores!

See J.341 in action at Booth SU4722 (QoE Systems) at NAB '12

There are tools available to accurately measure video quality for all video formats, the first one on the market is the Q-Master2 toolset from QoE Systems, Inc. now showing on booth SU4722. There are a number of applications for this technology and QoE Systems has developed an initial set of tools both software only, as well as a system solution, for immediate deployment. The J.341 uses the "full reference" methodology and incorporates many metrics accumulating into MOS. The Q-Master2 uses both predetermined video clips for test, but also enables the use of the algorithm for live streams with a "Real Time Reference" function. This makes it possible to accurately test & monitor broadcast signals.

About QoE Systems

Founded in 2002, QoE Systems is a leading provider of voice, audio and video QoE monitoring and quality assessment solutions. The firm's Q-Master line of test instruments for voice, audio and video quality assessment deliver a comprehensive test and measurement suite to telecommunications equipment manufacturers and service providers. All of QoE System's products utilize ITU perceptual algorithms such as PESQ to test and measure multimedia quality from the end-users perspective. QoE Systems is privately held and located in Silicon Valley, CA. For more information, visit the company's Website at or call 650-314-0112.

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