Video Pixel Decoders are suited for set-top boxes and PVRs.

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Video acquisition ICs in VPX 322xF series preserve high-resolution ADC sampling for entire luminance and chrominance line processing before downsampling to required resolution. Decoder detects Macrovison® v7.1 anti-taping technology, including color stripe support; features adaptive 4H comb filter; and offers access of closed-caption and CGMS data via I²C bus. Model VPX 3228F complements Composite Video and S-Video interfaces with analog component video input.

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Micronas Breaks Into New Market of DVD and Personal Video Recorders (PVRs) with Latest Generation of Video Decoder Family

Freiburg, Germany - February 21, 2005 - Optimized for consumer video and multimedia applications such as personal video recorders (PVRs), set-top boxes and projectors, Micronas (SWX Swiss Exchange: MASN, Frankfurt: MNSN, Prime Standard Segment, TecDAX), a leading supplier of innovative application-specific IC system solutions for consumer electronics, today announced its fourth generation of full-feature video acquisition ICs with dedicated new features like component video input and detection of Macrovison® 7.1 anti-taping technology.

"Micronas' long-standing experience in developing video decoders has resulted in the VPX 322xF, a family of products that exceed current market expectations in terms of quality and size", explains Kai Scheffer, Director business line Media Home at Micronas. "Over the years the company developed high-quality decoding packed with robust video sync performance even in difficult environments. As a result, the chips deliver a high-quality viewing experience. We have sold more than 5 million VPX devices to date and expect an increased demand for the VPX 322xF family as we further expand into new and fast-growing markets like PVRs and DVD recorders."

These markets require new features, driven by new standards. In line with the Micronas "Family Principle" and the corresponding evolutionary design strategy, existing product families are adapted to such changes by constant further development.

"With this approach Micronas supports a high level of connectivity," Scheffer explains. "For instance, the VPX 3228F complements the Composite Video and S-Video interfaces with an analog component video (YPrPb) input allowing direct connection to high quality DVD players and set-top boxes for the purest reproduction of film sources".

As another substantial feature, the new video decoder offers full Macrovision detection capabilities including color stripe support. Analog video signals protected by Macrovision are detected and decoded, allowing content owners to protect their video cassettes, digital pay per view programs and DVDs from unauthorized recording.

The VPX 322xF architecture now offers access of closed-caption and CGMS (copy generation management system) data via the I²C bus - offering more flexibility in terms of integration to the system designer.

Additionally, the VPX 322xF provides data slicing for all major VBI data formats, including WST 525/625 teletext, VPS, US/European close-captioning (CC), WSS 525/625 (CGMS), US NABTS, VITC 525/625, Gemstar® 1x/2x and Moji Japanese teletext. An adaptive 4H comb filter delivers crisp and clean images for today's demanding high quality displays and is equally important for MPEG encoding results.

Unlike its competitors, the VPX 322xF preserves the high-resolution ADC sampling for the entire luminance and chrominance line processing before down sampling to the required resolution. Compared to the industry standard, the Micronas high-resolution video processing pipe increases the resolution by 50 percent and produces a clearer and radiant picture.

Packaged in a small PMQFP-64 or alternatively, a PMQFP-44 pin-compatible with Micronas' successful predecessor VPX 322xE family, the new VPX 322xF video decoders are the world's smallest chips in their class. Compared to their predecessors, the members of the new VPX 322xF family offer a reduced power consumption of less than 500 milliwatts.

The VPX 322xF video pixel decoders are available now. Pricing starts at 5.25 US Dollar each in 10.000 quantities.

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