Video Isolation Transformers improve picture quality.

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MPS video isolation transformers are constructed to provide optimal ground loop isolation and common mode rejection. This improves image quality in video monitoring or surveillance systems by reducing longitudinal hum caused by earth loop current flows due to ac or dc earth potentials, with bandwidth from 10 Hz to 10 MHz. Supporting CCTV and A/V industries, products can be custom-designed to configuration and dimensional requirements of en-users for impedance matching and bandwidth.

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Video Isolation Transformers

MPS Industries announces that it has developed a series of low cost, high quality transformers for video signal ground loop isolation to support the CCTV and Audio/Video industries. Our new developments support the latest video/surveillance systems, improving video quality by reducing the signal noise to provide a crystal clear picture to the monitoring system.

These transformers are constructed to give better ground loop isolation and common mode rejection, helping improve the image quality by reducing the longitudinal hum which is caused by earth loop current flows due to AC or DC earth potentials, bandwidth from 10Hz up to 10MHz.

MPS video isolation transformers can also be custom designed into different configurations and dimensions based on customer requirements for impedance matching and bandwidth. Some commonly used configurations are:
75W:75W for coaxial to coaxial cable (MPS P/N R3542, R3536-2, R3557)
75W:100W for coaxial to UTP cable (MPS P/N R3532, R3536-1)
75W:75W with shielded metal enclosure and BNC connectors (R3559)

MPS Industries also designs custom balun transformers for cable TV, set top box and optical hub industries from MHz to GHz. You are welcome to visit our webpage for standard items or contact our design engineers directly for custom requirements.

Video isolation transformer technical specifications and ordering information is available at

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Video Isolation Transformers
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