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Offering scalable solution for multi-site surveillance and control, GV-Video Server consists of video converter that digitizes analog video signals and sends them over IP network. Video images are compressed with MPEG4 ASP format before transmitting across 10/100 Ethernet network, and then display 30 fps at full D1 resolution. Through built-in dual streaming engine, users can remotely access surveillance video using 3G/UMTS mobile phone.

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GeoVision Introduces the GV-Video Server for Central Monitoring

Taipei, Taiwan Dec. 6, 2006 - GeoVision has introduced the GV-Video Server and alarm-event management software for remote surveillance and central monitoring. The GV-Video Server is an advanced video converter that digitizes analog video signals and sends them over an IP network. For users who already installed legacy analog cameras, the GV-Video Server offers a cost-effective solution to adopt IP surveillance in existing equipments.

The GV-Video Server offers a scalable solution for multi-site surveillance and control to manage numerous cameras. Thanks to its wireless (802.11 b/g) transmission capability, video and audio can be sent over any distance to the GeoVision central monitoring station GV-Center V2. Video images are compressed with MPEG4 ASP format before being transmitted across the 10/100 Ethernet network, and then display 30 fps at full D1 resolution. Video transmission occupies a relatively small bandwidth but will not compromise the video quality.

The user-friendly web browser interface simplifies the tasks of monitoring, recording, configuration and control. Through the built-in dual streaming engine users can remotely access to a surveillance video using a 3G/UMTS mobile phone. GeoVision provides a special AP WebCam GV-MultiView (via I.E. browser) that allows remote live monitoring, remote PTZ and I/O control, camera zoom in and out, and system configuration. The WebCam also supports remote playback and Emap.

The GV-Video Server can be used in applications where high quality video and audio need to be distributed over LANs or WANs. For example, the GV-Video Server may be used at road monitoring at which each street is installed with analog cameras. Each VS02 GV-Video Server can connect to 2 cameras and send the images via wireless network to the police central monitoring station set up by the GV-CMS server.

The police can utilize the built-in alarm and event management software to be notified of what is happening on the streets. The staff in the monitoring station can conduct remote control access through the wireless network. They can view live video, zoom in a camera, control PTZ and I/O device, change the video quality, and take a snapshot of what they are viewing on the live view screen.

If GV-series PC-based surveillance system is already in use, the GV-Video Server offers a hybrid solution to integrate surveillance system and video server, and to load analog and digital video into the same interface.

The GV-Video Server is currently available in limited quantities and will be available for production orders Dec. 2006. For more information, contact or go to

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GeoVision Inc., one of the security 50 companies, is a professional manufacturer of intelligent video surveillance systems. Known by the brand name GeoVision, we manufacture and distribute security surveillance systems to customers in more than 70 countries. GeoVision's distinct products and innovative technologies are USA and Taiwan patented. The flagship GV-Combo digital surveillance products were recently selected for the Symbol of Excellence.

GeoVision holds technical edges in state-of-the-art surveillance software, video/audio compression techniques, intelligent video analysis, and hardware enhancements. GeoVision's award-winning GV series surveillance products provide total security solutions for point-of-sale systems, license plate recognition systems, and central monitoring systems. With our advantages in video surveillance techniques, we are forging ahead to new fields of IP surveillance, video server, network video storage, access-control DVR, and video security service. For more information, visit

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