Video Analyzer enhances cellular video service quality.

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As add-on to Cellular Performer(TM), 3G Video Analyzer monitors end-to-end cellular video service quality over 3G networks. It isolates problems that cause poor quality video and identifies them. Product examines video over 3G-324M circuit switch sessions and can synchronize multiple video playback of MPEG4 and H.263 sessions of all video participants in single view. Perceptual impairment analysis capability provides objective video quality evaluation intrusively and non-intrusively.

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RADCOM Unveils 3G Video Analyzer to Improve Cellular Video Service Quality

Addition to Performer(TM) Solution Suite Enables Wireless Operators and Device Manufacturers to Monitor and Troubleshoot Cellular Video Service in Real-Time

3G WORLD CONGRESS & EXHIBITION, HONG KONG, November 15 -- RADCOM Ltd. (NASDAQ: RDCM), a leading network test and service monitoring solutions provider, today introduced its 3G Video Analyzer at the 3G World Congress & Exhibition in Hong Kong. The new solution monitors end-to-end cellular video service quality over 3G networks. It provides an objective evaluation of the quality of the video service delivered by cellular phones operating on various interfaces. The 3G Video Analyzer offers a comprehensive analysis of video service from the user plane to the core network and physical connection. It allows wireless device manufacturers and network operators to monitor and troubleshoot high-quality video sessions such as video teleconferencing, video streaming, video-on-demand and interactive video.

As cellular operators upgrade from 2.5G to 3G and next generation cellular networks, video services are regarded as a key advantage in increasing the Average Revenue Per Unit (ARPU). However, solving the complexity of running wideband real-time video services on cellular networks has, until now, not been easy. The 3G Video Analyzer isolates problems, such as long video setup duration, that cause poor quality video characterized by jerkiness, incorrect audio, blank picture transmission and poor lip synchronization. These problems and their adverse effects are often the result of interoperability issues, unstable bandwidth allocation and the number and diversity of signaling protocols and media codecs. The 3G Video Analyzer quickly identifies the source of the problem, minimizing troubleshooting time thereby improving the subscriber's quality of experience.

An add-on to the Cellular Performer(TM), the 3G Video Analyzer examines video over 3G-324M circuit switch sessions. It functions on various connections such as UMTS and CDMA networks. It analyzes video over IP using different IP multimedia signaling protocols. In addition, it synchronizes multiple video playback of MPEG4 and H.263 sessions of all video participants in a single view. Furthermore, its perceptual impairment analysis capability provides objective video quality evaluation both intrusively and non-intrusively.

"There are over one billion people around the world carrying mobile phones. Of those, around 150 million are expected to buy camera phones by the end of 2004," said David Ripstein, RADCOM's General Manager, Products & Technologies. "Mobile video is the next stage and will be here to stay. Its penetration and customer retention however depends on the quality of video services. RADCOM is proud to play a significant part in bringing quality to video services. We are confident that RADCOM's 3G Video Analyzer will help set new criterions in video quality."

To schedule a private product demonstration at the 3G World Congress & Exhibition, contact Saul Gold, Visitors to RADCOM's booth #1705 will receive a complimentary copy of RADCOM's UMTS or CDMA2000 protocol poster. These wall charts are comprehensive and convenient reference tools that include network and protocol structures and parameters.


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