Video Amplifiers target component and composite SDTV uses.

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Supporting supply voltage of 2.85-5.5 V, 4-channel Models THS7374 and THS7375 feature 9.6 mA total quiescent current at 3.3 V supply for all 4 channels. Power-down option further minimizes quiescent current consumption to 0.1 µA, making amplifiers suitable for consumer devices seeking ENERGY STAR compliance. Both models include 6th order 9.5 MHz Butterworth filter used as DAC reconstruction filter or ADC anti-aliasing filter to deliver optimal analog video outputs or inputs.

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TI Introduces Lowest Power Video Amplifiers for Component and Composite SDTV in Consumer Applications

57 percent less power than competition supports system compliance with ENERGY STAR

DALLAS, Sept. 30 /- To help manufacturers design energy-efficient consumer electronics, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE:TXN) introduced today a flexible four-channel video buffer that consumes 57 percent less power than its closest competitor. The new device also includes a power-down feature to lower system power consumption even more and help enable manufacturers to achieve ENERGY STAR compliance in set-top boxes (STBs) and personal and digital video recorders (PVRs and DVRs). The balance of ultra-low power and reduced space and cost also makes the amplifier well-suited for video surveillance systems and SCART audio/video connectors. Available development tools help manufacturers easily configure and test the amplifier for SCART applications, eliminating the need for costly components. (For more information, see

The THS7374 and THS7375 support a wide supply voltage range of +2.85-V to +5.5-V, providing designers with maximum flexibility while consuming minimal power. The devices feature a 9.6-mA total quiescent current at 3.3-V supply for all four channels. Even operating at 5-V, each device consumes only 10-mA total quiescent power. A power-down option further reduces quiescent current consumption to 0.1-uA, making the THS7374/5 ideal choices for consumer device systems seeking ENERGY STAR compliance.

Further adding to the devices' flexibility, the THS7374/5 video amplifiers also include a 6th order 9.5-MHz Butterworth filter used as a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) reconstruction filter or an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) anti-aliasing filter to deliver higher quality analog video outputs or inputs. The filter is well-suited for SDTV video, allowing the THS7374/5 to simultaneously support a composite (CVBS) video channel, along with three channels to support s-video and component Y'U'V', G'B'R' (R'G'B'), or Y'P'bP'r 480i/576i. Additionally, the filter can be bypassed to provide a 150-MHz amplifier bandwidth to support wider bandwidth signals.

The THS7374/5 supports multiple input and output configurations for either AC- or DC-coupled applications. On the output side, the devices' deliver 80-mA output current drive capability, which can drive two lines per channel or 75-Ohm loads. In addition, the THS7374's rail-to-rail output stage includes a 6-dB gain for video line driving.

Extending TI's offering for video designs

TI complements its video amplifiers with its suite of DaVinci(TM) digital media processors. The THS7375 provides a 15-dB output gain, enabling SDTV-compliant outputs from the processor and providing power savings and analog signal filtering to improve analog video quality.

In addition, TI provides a host of signal chain and power management devices to be used in conjunction with the THS7374/5 to help manufacturers meet ENERGY STAR requirements in an STB design, including the recently introduced TPS54331, a 3-A 28-V DC/DC converter with Eco-mode(TM) light load efficiency. Evaluation modules and samples of the TPS54331 are available at

Availability, pricing and support

The THS7374 and THS7375 are available now in a 14-pin TSSOP lead-free (RoHS compatible) and green-compliant package. Suggested resale pricing in quantities of 1,000 is $0.55. In addition, the THS7374 evaluation module (EVM) is available for device testing while the TSW7374EVM enables manufacturers to rapidly design and evaluate SCART applications. Samples and evaluation modules (EVMs) are available at

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