Victaulic Announces Availability of the FireLock® LP-46 Low Pressure Upright Storage Sprinkler (SIN V4603) at NFPA

CHICAGO - NFPA Conference and Expo (Booth #209) - Victaulic, a leading global producer of mechanical pipe joining and fire protection systems, has announced the availability of the FireLock ® LP-46 Low Pressure Upright Storage Sprinkler (SIN V4603). The LP-46 upright sprinkler joins the existing pendent model in providing reduced pressure requirements, significant system design and labor installation savings. Featuring a K-Factor of 25.2 imp/36.8 S.I., the LP-46 sprinkler is designed to control fires in single, double and multiple row rack storage units without the need for in-rack sprinklers.

The LP-46 is a standard response, upright storage sprinkler and is Factory Mutual (FM) approved for up to 30 foot ceilings and storage of cartoned, unexpanded Group A commodities. The pressure requirements (maximum of 175psi/1200kPa) are low enough that the LP-46 can reduce or eliminate the need for a fire pump in some applications, which provides significant cost savings to owners. Also, the low end head pressures reduce system discharge requirements up to 30 foot high, as compared to traditional ESFR products.

Additional benefits of the low end head pressure requirements include labor and materials savings, as the LP-46 can decrease the system pipe size needs; mains and branches can be reduced from 8 to 6 inches, or from 4 to 3 inches. The LP-46 sprinkler also features an easy system design, factored upon a twelve head calculation with 10'x10' spacing, which results in an up to 20 percent reduction in the number of sprinkler heads typically necessary.

The LP-46 utilizes a durable standard response fusible link and is designed to distribute water in a pattern covering 100 square feet per sprinkler. This is highly effective in controlling rapidly growing storage fires.

Victaulic will feature the FireLock LP-46 Low Pressure Upright Storage Sprinkler and the pendent sprinkler model (cULus and FM approved) at the NFPA Conference in Chicago, June 8-10, 2009, in Booth #209

About Victaulic

Founded in 1925, Victaulic is the world's leading producer of mechanical pipe joining systems. Headquartered in Easton, Pa., Victaulic has manufacturing and distribution facilities worldwide and employs more than 3,500 people. The company develops products for a full range of industrial, commercial and institutional piping system applications. For more information, visit

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