Vibratory Screeners handle 20-500 micron powder material.

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Kroosh SXE vibratory screeners are suited for safety screening and sizing classification of various powder materials. Units feature double-deck design, with active sieve area of each deck equal to 0.25, 0.55, or 0.95 m2, and allow on site sieve replacement. Operating in multifrequency vibratory-impact modes, they provide self-cleaning of sieves, fluidization/stirring of powder, and deagglomeration of powder clusters. Deblinding system activates from energy of vibrator motors.

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Kroosh SXE Improves Profitability

Elcan Industries continues to assist customers in solving their screening problems with the newly engineered Kroosh SXE line of vibratory screeners for separation of problematic powder materials. Main applications include safety screening and sizing classification of 'difficult-to-screen' powder materials, typically in the range between 20 and 500 microns. Among products: metal powders such as tungsten, tungsten carbide, tungsten oxide, nickel, cobalt, ferrous and non-ferrous powders, fused and precipitated silica powder, limestone, graphite, pharmaceutical and chemical powders, coating pigments, etc. Screeners have single or double-deck design with active sieve area of each deck equal to 0.25, 0.55 or 0.95 sq.m.

Wet or dry applications.

SXE Screeners operate in multifrequency vibratory-impact modes. Due to high level of normal acceleration applied to the meshes, new screeners provide uninterrupted self-cleaning of sieves, fluidization and stirring of powder, also de-agglomeration of powder clusters. It results in higher screening capacity, better separation and more undersize yield, as compared to traditional and ultrasonic screeners.

Kroosh units are designed for use of non-tensioned working meshes. Screeners offer simple and cost-saving on-site sieve replacement with usage of pieces of nylon, polyester or metal fine meshes which simply cut-off from a roll. This feature eliminates the costs and problems that are usually associated with re-tensioning of conventional and ultrasonic fine screens.

Kroosh systems are simple, easy to use, rugged mechanical devices that provide low cost maintenance and yield improvements. Unlike ultrasonic or conventional separators, the screeners do not contain electronic or pneumatic parts. Patented powerful de-blinding system is activated from energy of vibrator motors.

The company also offers unique rectangular multifrequency screeners for sizing of humid sticky bulk materials and dense slurry.

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