Vibratory Rollers compact soil with tons of force.

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Single-drum Series C820C, C830C, and C850C have operating weights of 11,000 to 28,285 lb. Series C820C and C825C are smooth-drum models that are best suited for granular and mixed soil applications, while Series C822C padfoot units are most effective on cohesive materials. All have lockable control panel, back-up alarm, SAHR brakes, and adjustable operator's seat.

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HYPAC Improves Force, Gradeability and Traction with New C820C, C830C, and C850C Series Rollers

KEWANEE, Ill. - The new C820C, C830C and C850C series of single-drum vibratory rollers from HYPAC deliver improved compaction force, gradeability and tractive effort for greater productivity on a wide variety of soil types.

The C820C series includes three models: the C820C, C822C and C825C. Featuring operating weights of more than 11,000 pounds each, the C820C and C825C are smooth drum models that are best suited for granular and mixed soil applications, while the C822C is a padfoot unit that is most effective on cohesive materials.

The C820C, C822C and C825C each have a working width of 56.1 inches and a frequency of 2,040 vpm (vibrations per minute). All three models achieve 22,500 pounds of centrifugal force in high amplitude and 11,250 pounds in low amplitude. Both the C822C and C825C feature a dual travel pump design that provides 55+ percent gradeability for superior tractive effort. The C820C model offers a single-pump design, which produces gradeability of 47+ percent.

A mid-sized solution for larger applications, the C830C series offers a 66.4-inch working width in the 8-ton operating weight class. As with the C820C series, the C830C includes three models: the C830C, C832C and C835C. Each offers two vibrating amplitudes and frequencies for optimum compaction results on a wide range of soil types. All three models produce a maximum centrifugal force of 28,350 pounds.

The C832C (padfoot) and C835C (smooth) include Anti-Slip Control (ASC) technology, which monitors slip potential between the vibratory drum and the rear tires for optimized gradeability and traction performance. The C832C and C835C have gradeabilities of 55+ percent, while the C830C, with a conventional hydraulic travel system design, offers gradeability of 45+ percent.

The C850C series is designed for the most demanding contractors. The largest of the HYPAC single-drum line, the C850C series includes three models: the C850C (smooth), the C852C (padfoot) and the C855C (smooth). With operating weights ranging from 26,850 to 28,285 pounds, all three units offer an 84-inch working width. In addition, all three feature dual amplitudes and frequencies with a maximum centrifugal force of 61,825 pounds. ASC technology for enhanced gradeability is standard on the C852C and C855C models.

All HYPAC single-drum vibratory rollers include hydrostatic travel and vibration drives. To ensure full drum contact, even on irregular terrain, all units feature a maintenance-free, bolt-on oscillating/articulating center joint that delivers +12-degree oscillation. A generous steering angle of +35 degrees provides high maneuverability on tight job sites. Additionally, a heavy-duty rear travel axle with no-spin differential provides unmatched gradeability and tractive effort.

For simplified maintenance and service, HYPAC single-drum rollers feature an easy-access, two-opening-position engine hood. Additionally, engines are reverse mounted to provide easy access to all major hydraulic components. Drum vibration isolators can be field replaced without the need for special tools or removal of the drum. No daily grease points minimize routine maintenance.

Other standard features on the HYPAC single-drum rollers include ROPS/FOPS with seat belt, a lockable control panel, back-up alarm, SAHR (Spring-Applied, Hydraulically Released) brakes and an adjustable operator's seat with arm rests. Optional leveling blades are available only for the C822C, C832C and C852C rollers.

For more information on the HYPAC C820C, C830C and C850C series of single-drum vibratory rollers or HYPAC's full line of steel wheel, pneumatic, tamping foot vibratory, smooth drum vibratory or double drum vibratory compactors, contact Compaction America, Inc., 2000 Kentville Road, Kewanee, IL 61443, call 309-853-3571, fax 309-852-0350, e-mail or visit the HYPAC web site at

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