Vibration Spectrum Analyzers feature ruggedized design.

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Utilizing IP67-rated Meazura MEZ-1500 handheld computer, VSA-3300 Series detects and diagnoses problems in rotating and reciprocating machinery before breakdowns occur. Units include Datastick Spectrum v2.0 software, which provides file management system, integrated acoustical signal output, and dual view that enables user to see different transforms and different segments of same signal on screen simultaneously. Microsoft-Excel-compatible Datastick Reporting System is also included.

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Datastick Systems Introduces Rugged Handheld VSA-3300 Vibration Spectrum Analyzers with v. 2.0 of Datastick Spectrum Software

New user tools, dual view, faster signal read, built-in acoustic signal output

SAN JOSE, CA, - Datastick Systems, Inc. today announced four new rugged VSA-3300 models in its line of affordable, handheld VSA Vibration Spectrum Analyzers, which are used to detect and diagnose problems in rotating and reciprocating machinery before unpredicted breakdowns occur, thus saving money and downtime. New version 2.0 of Datastick Spectrum software for the handheld computer was also announced.

The new models build on the proven track record of the VSA-1200 analyzers used by reliability, equipment maintenance and facilities managers in predictive maintenance, conditions-based monitoring, troubleshooting, and diagnosing the root causes of equipment failures.

The new rugged VSA-3300s utilize the IP-67-rated Meazura MEZ-1500 handheld computer, so that an external rugged case is no longer required for environments where there is dust or moisture. With the new VSA-3300s, both the handheld computer and the VSA module are ruggedized.

The new VSAs with new version 2.0 of Datastick Spectrum software provide a dual view that enables the user to see different transforms and different segments of the same signal on the screen at the same time; three new user tools; a faster signal read; an easier-to-use file management system; integrated acoustic signal output; and a longer battery life. Spectrum 2.0 is included with each VSA, as well as the popular Microsoft-Excel-compatible Datastick Reporting System (DRS) software for the PC. VSAs are known for being easy to learn and to use, and for the lowest noise floor and having lowest minimum frequency among portable analyzers.

"Using vibration analysis can prevent costly, unpredicted, and sometimes dangerous breakdowns - it is one of the best ways to cut operations and facilities costs," said Penny Melrose, Datastick CEO.

"Monitoring vibration also helps reduce warranty claims and generate additional profits in service departments. The accuracy of the VSA is as good or better than that of portable analyzers costing three times as much, and the VSA is far easier to learn."

Datastick was one of the first instrumentation companies to utilize handheld computers with modules for its proprietary electronics. In the case of the VSA-3300s, the module is separate from the handheld computer. Designed for maximum flexibility of use, there are a number of ways to configure the module plus handheld: held together in one hand, or together in a protective case with touch-through window, or separately with the module worn on the hip or in the over-the-shoulder protective case.

Datastick handheld vibration analyzers are in use in many different industries, including precision manufacturing, oil and gas, facilities management, utilities and power generation; they are excellent for equipment such as pumps, generators, motors, and turbines. They are particularly valuable for mobile applications in the field where portability is essential. VSAs are also used to detect structural problems caused by vibration that may cause harm to sensitive equipment in data centers, as well as to employee health. Datastick portable dynamic BAL-2000 balancers are used to balance parts that cannot be taken apart and put on a balancing machine.

About Datastick Systems, Inc.

Datastick Systems is a leading provider of cost-effective, innovative handheld vibration analysis and portable machine balancing systems.

Companies around the world rely on Datastick solutions to maintain the reliability and uptime of their machinery. Datastick Systems is headquartered in San Jose, California. For more information, phone (408) 987-3400 or visit


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