Vibration Sensors operate at up to 550°F.

Press Release Summary:

Series 4000 high temperature vibration sensors suit turbine monitoring, flue gas atomizers, and jet/combustion engine and experimental applications. Model 4002 has 10 pC/g sensitivity, frequency response to 5 kHz, and integral hardline 1 m cable to MIL style hermetic connector. Model 4024 provides 25 pC/g sensitivity, top 3-PIN MIL connector, ¼-28 stud mounting, and can operate at 500°F. Model 4300 offers 20-25 pC/g sensitivity, square 4-hole mounting base, and can operate at 550°F.

Original Press Release:

Vibra·Metrics Announces the Release of the New Charge-Type High Temperature 4000 Series of EEPE Accelerometers

Princeton Junction, NJ, July 7, 2004 - VibraoMetrics is pleased to announce the release of the new 4000 series of high temperature vibration sensors. This series is well suited for turbine monitoring, jet/combustion engine applications, flue gas atomizers, and experimental applications. Available immediately, three models are released to cover a variety of different temperature ranges and operating conditions. Regarding the product line release, the Vibra-Metrics Sales and Marketing Manager, Scot Wlodarczak stated, "The 4000 series of charge-type accelerometers brings years of past high temperature development experience to the market with an outstanding product line." The model 4002 has 10 pC/g sensitivity with a frequency response to 5 kHz (±5%) and an integral hardline 1 meter cable to MIL style hermetic connector. The model 4024 features 25 pC/g sensitivity, a top 3-PIN MIL connector, and 1/4-28 stud mounting, suitable for operation to 500F (260C). The model 4300 features 20-25 pC/g sensitivity, an integral hardline cable, a square 4-hole mounting base, and FM approval that is suitable for operation to 550F (288C).

The MISTRAS Holdings Group trades worldwide under the names Vibra-Metrics, Physical Acoustics, NDT Automation, Quality Services Laboratories, Inc. and CONAM Inspection and Engineering Services, Inc. Leading the markets of nondestructive computer-aided testing and inspection, the Group provides on-line condition monitoring of the world's Industrial and Public Infrastructure by employing Internet-based Data Acquisition information technologies. The Group's products and services are used globally to secure the much needed environmental safety of gas and oil pipelines, petrochemical pressure vessels and storage tanks, strategic components of nuclear and fossil fuel plants, metal and concrete bridges, aerospace vehicles, and many other structures.

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