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Delphin Expert Vibro for Measurement, Monitoring Analysis

CHESTERLAND OH – If you need to know how your products react to vibrations, or if you want to operate a shaker test stand, you'll need a vibration measurement system to acquire and evaluate the data. While many of these systems require multiple devices and software, Delphin Technology offers the Expert Vibro Data Acquisition and Control System, an all-in-one system for data acquisition and control. CAS DataLoggers is the North American master distributor for Delphin and supplies these products along with free technical support. In this application note we outline the basics of how to use an Expert Vibro system to perform all the necessary aspects of vibration monitoring and analysis.

Typical Vibration Monitoring Applications:

  • Product testing on shaker test stands

  • Test stands for engines, transmissions and compressors

  • Vibration/damage diagnostics in transmissions, bearings and shafts

  • Washing machine test stands

  • Data acquisition and analysis of pressure vibrations and other transient signals

Vibration test stands:

Many products undergo vibration tests during their development phase. In these procedures, operators fix test samples to shakers where they are shaken and rattled according to preset standards. These vibrations need to be continuously measured both at the shaker itself (exciter) and at the test sample. Users derive important PQ test data for later analysis by relating these vibration patterns at the sample to the exciter. This evaluation itself requires an intelligent system with sufficient speed and professional analysis software.

Accurate vibration measurement requires users to measure vibration Frequencies, Phase changes and Amplitudes. The ideal way to portray this data is in the form of an FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) spectral analysis diagram. Delphin's Expert Vibro data acquisition and control system is particularly suited to all these tasks. Users can acquire and record every required measurement using the system's 8 or 16 synchronous inputs. These universal inputs also allow for simultaneous acquisition of vibrations, voltages, currents and temperatures.

A major advance in vibration measurement technology, the Expert Vibro provides users with analysis and monitoring functions, intelligent signal processing, local data storage capability and versatile fieldbus connections – all in a single device. Due to these capabilities, Expert Vibro systems can be used even where vibration measurement systems had previously been considered cost-ineffective.

The Expert Vibro can also control the shaker and can be used to provide the setpoint values. Additionally, the system's digital outputs are capable of monitoring characteristic values and triggering shut-off procedures in the event of an alarm. Meanwhile configuration and measurement data are shown on the touchscreen display.

High-Speed Measurement:

Expert Vibro data loggers measure, monitor and record fully independently. Using its continuous sampling mode, even the smallest of irregularities are recorded. The Delphin system is equipped with its own internal 32 GB data storage capability, making it especially reliable and secure.

Using the latest processor technology (dual-core FPGA based on ARM) for extensive online computations and analysis, the compact Expert Vibro supports high sampling rates of up to 50kHz per channel. A 24-Bit A/D converter ensures high-precision measurement, while all channels are galvanically isolated to prevent transverse distortions. Users can switch the analog inputs between voltage, IEPE and shaft vibration measurement via the included software.

Practical example:

As part of its research and development, a manufacturer of cooling and refrigeration equipment is using an Expert Vibro system for shaker test stand measurements. In its shaker test stand area, users acquire data from multiple synchronous acceleration signals and evaluate them using the system's included ProfiSignal software. ProfiSignal is a complete software system for data acquisition, analysis, visualization and automation. The software is user-friendly and combines professional functionality with easy operation.

After data is measured and recorded, users then have the choice to portray vibration data as bode diagrams, FFT spectra or time-signal trends which are exported for detailed analysis using other software. Using ProfiSignal as a SCADA system provides all the functions a test stand requires. Visualization and operation takes place via display views. ProfiSignal can also be used to generate reports and automation procedures via the Klicks programming function.

PLC and PC Interfaces:

Expert Vibro dataloggers can be connected to PCs via LAN or USB. Two PROFIBUS interfaces are available as well as Modbus TCP for fieldbus connections. For demanding applications, multiple Expert Vibro devices can be synchronized to process vibration data from many channels.

System installation and familiarization are quickly accomplished so that users can quickly start processing their data to save costs and avoid troublesome interface problems.

Optional integrated Wi-Fi, GSM, UMTS or LTE modules are also available for standalone operation. Additional features include pluggable screw terminals and a DIN rail-mounting.

The Data Logging Experts

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