Vibration Damping Material offers noise reduction.

Press Release Summary:

Laminated material structure of MagnaDamp(TM) couples constrained layer viscoelastic damping with magnetic attaching layer. Suitable for enclosure applications, material provides energy absorption and eliminates ringing of sheet metal exterior wrappers. Structure eliminates need for release liner peel-off and pressure-sensitive adhesive attachment. Material is available in continuous coil, blanks, slit, embossed, and piece parts.

Original Press Release:

Magna Damp(TM) Provides Vibration and Noise Reduction Solutions

Material Sciences Corporation Engineered Materials and Solutions Group offers product designers a new solution for vibration damping and noise reduction in appliance, machine tool and other enclosure applications. MagnaDamp(TM) couples highly effective constrained layer viscoelastic damping with a magnetic attaching layer.

This unique laminated material structure eliminates the need for labor-intensive release liner peel-off and pressure-sensitive adhesive attachment, with its attendant production problems. MagnaDamp(TM) also provides a superior level of energy absorption, to eliminate the resonant "ringing" of conventional sheet metal exterior wrappers. The magnetic layer makes attachment fast and simple, thereby significantly reducing the application cost of a typical PSA add-on treatment.

MSC Engineered Materials and Solutions Group offers technical assistance by computer analysis of the resonant vibrational response in component structures, which determines the optimal
size and location of the MagnaDamp(TM) treatment.

MagnaDamp(TM) is available in cost-effective continuous coil, blanks, slit, embossed or ready-to-use piece parts.

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