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Veterinary Diode Laser is used for surgery and pain therapy.

Press Release Summary:

Nov 11, 2013 - With 9 W of constant power, Pilot™ Diode Laser includes pain therapy hand piece, designed to stimulate circulation and ease pain, as well as surgical hand piece for surgical procedures. Fixed (permanent) fiber cartridge features flexibility that promotes adaptable positioning, fostering maneuverability and navigation during use. In surgical procedures, use avoids bleeding, swelling, infection, and pain associated with scalpel use. Hand pieces are fully interchangeable.

Original Press Release

CAO Group Launches New Pilot Diode Laser System

Press release date: Nov 04, 2013

Advanced Laser Company Introduces Comprehensive Veterinary 9W Diode Laser, Featuring Pain Management Functionality

SALT LAKE CITY -- CAO Group, Inc. (CAO), a world-leading, high-technology laser company, announces the launch of its new 9W Pilot(TM) Diode Laser, an innovative surgical and pain therapy system for veterinarians.

The new Pilot Diode Laser, with 9 watts of constant power, is designed with state-of-the-art laser technology and features interchangeable surgical and pain therapy hand pieces. This comprehensive laser system includes a pain therapy hand piece, designed to stimulate circulation and ease pain, and a surgical hand piece for daily surgical procedures. It is also equipped with a fixed (permanent) fiber cartridge. The flexibility of the fixed-fiber design provides adaptable positioning, making the Pilot extremely easy to maneuver and navigate while in use.

"Our new Pilot Diode Laser is the result of combining advanced technology with our research in working with veterinarians to provide the most effective method for quicker healing and less invasive surgeries for animals at a significantly lower cost," said Densen Cao, CEO and founder of CAO.

The Pilot Diode Laser, with its surgical hand piece, is a highly functioning laser that performs common surgeries, including declawing, neutering/spaying, gingivectomy and other soft-tissue procedures. When used in surgical procedures, the Pilot Diode Laser avoids the difficulties of scalpel use, such as bleeding, swelling, infection and pain. At the highest settings, the Pilot is a superior surgical instrument that handles similarly to a scalpel. Additionally, the Pilot is the first diode veterinary laser system to include sterilized, disposable fiber tips for every surgical procedure.

When equipped with the therapy hand piece, the Pilot Diode Laser provides penetrating heat that stimulates circulation in soft tissue, and relieves joint and muscle pain.  On its lowest settings, the Pilot is gentle enough to use for bio-stimulation, hemostatis, decontamination, otitis externa and periodontal treatments.

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