Vertical Machining Center offers multi-face accessibility.

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Model V33-5XB provides 5-axis simultaneous milling solution for intricate 3D shapes in die/mold applications. Tilt-trunion table, with combined B and C axes, has 7.87 in. dia faceplate, capable of handling 66 lb workpiece with dimensions of 9.85 in. dia x 5.32 in. tall. Features include respective X-, Y-, and Z-axes travel of 23.6 x 12.7 x 13.7 in.; traverse rates of 787 ipm; 20 hp, 20,000 rpm spindle; 25-position tool changer; and Professional 5 Control.

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Makino's V33-5XB Delivers Ultimate in 3D Machining Accuracy for the Die/Mold Market

Multi-Face Accessibility, High Precision/Accuracy and Better Surface Finishes

MASON, OH-September, 2004-Die and mold shops seeking a full 5-axis simultaneous milling answer for intricate 3-D shapes can now look towards the MakinoV33-5XB. Drawing upon years of experience in machine design and precision engineering, this vertical machining center from Makino is the newest market solution for die/mold applications.

An in-depth knowledge of such die/mold requirements led to Makino designing a special tilt-trunion table with combined B- and C-axes. This table on the V33-5XB provides the highest accuracies and repeatability available in the industry with less lost motion and higher stiffness and rigidity than comparative five-axis machines.

The V33-5XB provides one set-up access to complex, multiple-sided parts, reducing handling and costs. It also facilitates access to under-cut areas, oddly positioned features and complex geometries-all with optimum, shorter tool lengths.

This creates the best tool life and surface finish characteristics in the marketplace. The machine can also be used in the more traditional "3+2" mode for blending and matching complicated multiplane surfaces typical of die/mold production.

Automation Advantage
The tilt-trunion table of the V33-5XB is a 7.87-inch (200 mm) diameter faceplate. It is capable of handling a 66-pound (30 kg) workpiece with dimensions of 9.85 inches in diameter x 5.32 inches tall (250 mm x 135 mm).

The machine can be equipped with optional Erowa or System 3R pallet/chuck systems to automate the flow of work to and from the machine. This helps increase machine utilization, improving productivity and impacting lead-time while driving down the cost of labor and making unattended machining attainable.

V33-5XB Features
The machine construction incorporates a unique axis configuration, with large castings and integral guideways. There are no overhangs (or cantilevers) of the machine structure, providing for X-, Y- and Z-axes travel of 23.6 x 12.7 x 13.7 inches (600 x 325 x 350 mm).

This enables the V33-5XB to provide high-stiffness and rigidity, and allows for high-accuracy machining and outstanding surface finishes throughout the entire work range. Rapid traverse rates of 787 ipm (20,000 mm/min.), with equally fast cutting feeds, boosts productivity by reducing out-of-cut time while increasing metal removal rates.

The travels are designed to provide full coverage of the C-axis table in either the 0 or 90 degree position. Precise rotary encoders provide 130-degrees of B-axis movement (-20 to +110) and a 360-degree continuous movement on the C-axis. Incremental B- and C-axis indexing can be as finite as 0.0001-degrees.

Field-Proven Technology
Designed to machine complex cavities, cores and electrodes, this 5-axis vertical machining center offers a standard 20 HP, 20,000-rpm spindle. Optional 30,000-rpm and 40,000-rpm spindle packages are available to provide higher spindle speeds for various applications.

All of the spindle designs feature Makino's patented core cooling and under race lubrication system that has proven essential for optimal high-performance applications. This system prevents spindle thermal distortion-even during the longest applications, reduces vibration at high operating speeds, and delivers outstanding stiffness and rigidity resulting in longer tool life and superior surface finishes.

The V33-5XB coolant tank slides from beneath the front of the machine and the front-loading chip bucket is shaped for easy and efficient chip removal. A six-nozzle coolant supply device, an air blower and through-spindle air reliably flush chips through outlets underneath the table onto two high-speed conveyors for quick removal from the machine.

To maximize shop floor space, the V33-5XB offers a minimum footprint of 89.76 x 80.32 inches (2,280 x 2,040 mm). The V33-5XB incorporates a 25-position tool changer that will support a wide variety of tooling and applications.

Unmatched Control Capability
Makino's Professional 5 Control provides the perfect blend of a Windows® CE graphical user interface (GUI), the networking and storage capability of a data center and the proven stability of Fanuc hardware. It offers a highly integrated, embedded control system capable of fast execution of commands, high reliability, flexibility, integration capability and ease of operation.

Advanced data management technology and Makino's proprietary, next generation Super Geometric Intelligence (SGI.4) servo control, was conceived specifically to provide exceptionally smooth machined surfaces. This is especially true in high-feedrate machining of complex 3-D shapes involving continuous tiny blocks of NC data.

This technology delivers the highest three-dimensional accuracies and the lowest cycle times available. This blend of control technology and machine design maintains exceptional accuracy and produces quality, bench-free finishes that only a machine designed specifically for die/mold applications can provide.

Makino is a global provider of advanced machining technology and application support for the metalcutting and die/mold industries, dedicated to driving out more costs from your manufacturing operation than any other competitive machine tool manufacturer. Makino manufacturing and service centers are located in the United States, Japan, Germany, Singapore, Italy, France, Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, China, Mexico, Brazil and India, and are supported by a worldwide distributor network. For more information call 1.800.552.3288, or visit Makino on the Web at

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