Vertical Lift moves boxes/portable loads between floors.

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Series B Lift moves boxes, cartons, barrels, and loose parts to and from mezzanines and basements or between floors. It features 3 x 3 x 4 ft high load carriage, mechanical drive mechanism, carriage moved by 2 separate roller chains with spring loaded safety pins, and soft start/stop performance motor. With bolt-together construction allowing for loading/unloading from any of 3 sides at either level, compact, self-contained unit moves loads of up to 500 lbs to heights up to 20 ft at 40 fpm.

Original Press Release:

Pflow Introduces New Lift Series for Boxes and Other Portable Loads

Series B Lift supplements existing lineup of industry leading vertical reciprocating conveyors

Milwaukee, Wisconsin (November 4, 2008) - Pflow Industries, Inc. has added the Series B (Box) lift to its industry leading lineup of vertical material lifts and vertical reciprocating conveyors. The Series B lift becomes the seventh product series in the Pflow portfolio, which includes a lift series variation that can be custom engineered to serve virtually any material lifting application.

The Series B lift is designed to efficiently move boxes, cartons, barrels, loose parts and other portable loads to and from mezzanines and basements or between floors. Featuring a 3 ft x 3 ft x 4 ft high load carriage and a mechanical drive mechanism, the Series B easily moves loads up to 500 lbs to heights up to 20 ft at a speed of 40 fpm. The soft start/stop performance motor can easily be adjusted to speeds appropriate for fragile or sensitive loads.

With many built-in safety features to protect both workers and materials the Series B lift is the safest of its kind. Access gates at each level are interlocked with the lift operation and integral safety enclosures provide full height guarding on all sides. The carriage is moved by two separate roller chains; industry-exclusive spring loaded safety pins prevent an uncontrolled decent in the improbable case of a chain break. Unlike most competitor lifts the Series B is ASME 20.1 compliant.

The unit is completely modular with simple bolt-together construction allowing for loading and unloading from any of three sides at either level. The gate arrangement can be easily changed for left- or right-hand opening. The versatile, self-contained unit is compact and easy to install, with a durable, high-quality construction that ensures safe, reliable, long term performance. The load carriage is a full foot taller than many competitive models allowing for the service of a wider variety of loads.

The Series B lift ships pre-assembled and pre-wired with "quick-connect" wiring for easy installation. In most cases installation should take less than six hours.

Lift heights and levels are able to meet application requirements; with custom versions available to move loads between more than two floors and/or to heights greater than 20 ft.

Pflow - located in Milwaukee, WI - pioneered the vertical material lifting system product class over 30 years ago and has designed and built systems to lift materials from 100 lbs. to 100 tons for a diverse group of applications, the core of which includes installations in manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and retail segments. Visit for more information.

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