Vertical Inventory System

Kardex Remstar Shuttle XP500

Mansfield, OH, – Rable Machine Inc., is proud to add to our inventory management system, the Kardex Remstar Shuttle XP500.  Rable Machine is proud to be the one-stop solution for our customers globally.   We are focused on contract manufacturing with the added benefit of inventory management for our customers.  Buyers are expected to source quality JIT contract parts at a competitive price and we can deliver.  With the addition of the Kardex Remstar, we are able to manage a vast customer inventory quickly and efficiently with amazing accuracy and reliability.

“Rable Machine has always been extremely customer service oriented, offering value that others cannot or will not provide.  This inventory management system helps take our service to the next level, providing you with the ability to turn your inventory up to 52 times per year.  Just think what that means in Cost Savings to you!!  We appreciate your business!!  Scott Carter - CEO

Rable Machine Inc – Always a step ahead

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