Vertical Centrifugal Pump withstands extreme conditions.

Press Release Summary:

Made from stainless steels with medium lubricated sleeve bearing concept, GVSO Series is used to address solar power generation industry applications that utilize molten salts with temperature up to 560°C. Submersible pumps are compatible with aggressive, heated, and contaminated fluids.

Original Press Release:

Vertical Centrifugal Pump Developed for Extreme Conditions

FRIATEC has developed a line of vertical centrifugal pumps suitable for use in aggressive, heated and contaminated fluids. The GVSO Series of pumps is an outgrowth of the hugely popular GVSN Series of vertical pumps that has proven its worth for over 35 years in industry. While the GVSN pumps are typically used for pumping sulfuric acids, liquid sulfur, tar and molten salts, the GVSO pump is being used to address new applications in the solar power generation industry. These applications utilize molten salts with temperature up to 560° C. The molten salt provides for the transfer and storage of the heat. FRIATEC has successfully supplied GVSO pumps for several solar plants throughout Europe. The GVSO submersible pumps used in this promising high temperature application are made from high-grade stainless steels with a special medium lubricated sleeve bearing concept.

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