Versatile 1650 Controllers/Monitors for Hospitals & Laboratories

Right Sized for the Customer and the Application

Norcross, GA. - Triatek's popular line of controllers and monitors for hospitals, laboratories, and fume hoods, the 1650 Series, is also the most versatile in the industry. In fact, Triatek has more controller/monitor options than any other single manufacturer allowing customers to get exactly what they need without having to compromise or overspend.

Customers in need of a room controller or monitor can elect to opt for the one of the FMS1650 products. Within this series, customers will find controllers that are both LON and BACnet compatible in addition to standalone monitors. Flush mounted units and stainless steel units are also available throughout the FMS family and the all of the latest units feature full color touchscreens. The touchscreen, coupled with the multiple inputs and outputs, make network integration and setup simple. Pressure is measured to 0.0001"WC and accurate to within +/- 5% FS.

Laboratories and research centers seeking a fume hood air velocity reporting/controlling solution need to look no further than the Triatek HMS line. Like the FMS controllers and monitors, the latest HMS1650 products also feature full color touchscreens providing better information dissemination "at a glance" and higher staff adoption rates. Both a networked controller and standalone monitor are offered. Like it's predecessors, Triatek's latest HMS products control and report based on both sash height position and/or sidewall sensoing for a true "closed-loop" solution.

By offering more options to critical care areas, Triatek is better able to provide each customer a more refined and tailored product given their unique needs. As a result, costs are minimized as is confusion caused by installing products that are not right sized given the application.

Triatek is a world-wide leader in the design and manufacture of critical air flow and lighting controls that seamlessly integrate into Building Automation Systems. To learn more about the 1650 Series and the line of HMS and FMS products, call 770-242-1922 or visit

About Triatek:

Founded in 1985, Triatek has provided the industry with forward thinking lighting and room controls including panels, displays, valves, sensors and more. Headquartered in Norcross, Georgia, Triatek supports its global install base of more than 4,000 customers from the corporate headquarters. For more information about Triatek or its products, please call 770-242-1922 or visit


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