Verificient Technologies, Receives their Automated Remote Proctoring Software Patent, to Continuously Verify the Identity of Online Test Takers and Bring Integrity to the Online Credential

NEW YORK – Verificient Technologies, Inc., announced its first patent, US 8,926,335, from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on Jan 6, 2015 for a "System and method for remote test administration and monitoring." Proctortrack, Verificient's flagship product, is the world's first automated remote proctoring solution.

Proctortrack is a "system and method for multi-modal sensing and correlation of data collected from a plurality of examinees to identify possible dishonest behaviors. The disclosed system and methods utilize, for example, vision-based cues, audio cues, test data, and key-stroke patterns to reduce the number of false positives and negatives."

"The software behind our solutions is revolutionary. We can continuously verify the identity of online test takers through 1800 impressions per minute. It detects if the test taker is replaced, leaves the test, receives assistance from another people in the room, or opens up another browser," says Tim Dutta, Verificient's CEO.

Proctoring tests until now has been done by live human proctors, at testing centers or through cameras making scalability impossible. With Proctortrack, test takers are monitored through a webcam and their sessions reviewed by algorithms, rather than human proctors, achieving full scalability. As a SaaS company, Verificient is able to offer Proctortrack and its other solutions at highly competitive prices, significantly lower than traditional human proctoring services, by leveraging complex cloud technologies efficiently.

"Verificient really went beyond our expectations. Their technology identified right away how students were cheating. Verificient is really the only proctoring system that has the level of security we can trust at our medical school," says Jon Modica, SGU Program Leader. 

Some of their clients include Rutgers University, University of Southern California, St. George's Medical University, and 2U. Through their solution ProctorIQ, Verificient is working with corporations like Indiepay to conduct pre-employment screening. "Whether in higher education or employment screening, organizations and candidates see the value of a verified credential.  Our thesis is that a credential equals a currency, which in turn results to upward mobility," explained Tim Dutta.

About Verificient Technologies, Inc.

Verificient Technologies is an SaaS company that specializes in identity verification through the use of machine learning, facial recognition and biometrics. Headquartered in New York with other global offices, Verificient works with higher education institutions, K-12 and corporations to ensure the integrity of the online credential.


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