Venturi Air Mover provides air flow from 1,370-8,900 cfm.

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Operating on compressed air or steam, COPPUS Jectair® HP circulates fresh air to workers in confined spaces. Explosion-proof unit has no moving parts and is also suited for removing fumes during welding and dust suppression during sand blasting. Multiple expansion nozzles are machined into housing. Diffuser material is offered in steel, aluminum, or shock-resistant polymer. Static bonding cable with spring tension grip and replacement contact tips are standard.

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High Performance COPPUS Jectair® HP Offers Virtually Maintenance-Free, Reliable Air Movement in Confined Spaces

MILLBURY, MA-COPPUS®, a leader in industrial portable ventilation systems, offers a high performance, high efficiency lightweight Venturi air mover that circulates a supply of fresh air to workers during work in confined spaces. The COPPUS Jectair® HP operates on compressed air or steam with no moving parts for virtually maintenance-free reliability. The COPPUS Jectair® HP is suitable for removing fumes during welding, dust suppression during sand blasting, and providing air supply to improve worker comfort and productivity. The unit is explosion proof, helping improve worker safety in challenging environments. The patent-pending COPPUS Jectair® HP has an air mixing chamber that produces 14% more air while consuming 26% less compressed air. Compressed air or steam is admitted to the Jectair through a single inlet connection in the housing leading to the mixing chamber. The air or steam jetted from the nozzle creates a Venturi action which induces a large volume of surrounding air to enter the Jectair through the inlet bell. The air or steam is then discharged at high velocity through the horn-shaped diffuser. The COPPUS Jectair HP is available in five sizes with air flows ranging from 1370 to 8900 cfm (2,3238 to 15,121m3/hr). Multiple expansion nozzles are machined into the housing. Diffuser material is available in steel, aluminum or shock resistant polymer. Steel diffusers are protected with a safety yellow, epoxy base powder coating with conductive filler to help dissipate static charge. Static bonding cable with spring tension grip and replacement contact tips are standard on all models. Optional equipment and accessories include a tripod for stationary mounting and a duct adapter for the inlet end of the unit. For nearly a century, COPPUS portable ventilators and cooling products have been the choice of refineries, chemical plants, shipyards, paper mills and other industries where reliable long-term performance, rugged construction and personnel safety and comfort under demanding conditions are foremost. For more information on the COPPUS Jectair HP and other ventilation technology for the refining and petrochemical industries, contact the COPPUS Portable Ventilators division of Tuthill Energy Systems toll free at 1.888.268.8726, e-mail or visit

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