Ventilation Specialist Helps Curb Carbon Tax for Coal Mines

Air movement specialist Fanquip is supplying its quality Australian made equipment to the mining, steel and energy industries specialist 'Corky's Sustainable Energy' – a company developing systems to offset the carbon tax liability for some of Australia's biggest emitters of greenhouse gases.

Corky's, which comprises three separate independent engineering companies, has been sourcing high-efficiency fans, sensors and silencers from Fanquip as part of the Corky's Group research and industry solutions.

This is a strategic association as both businesses have a longstanding presence in the Australian industrial sector as solutions providers to environmental challenges.

Corky's works with the mining, steel and energy industries to help them to use their carbon resources more efficiently. Corky's is working towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly primary industry, whether that is coal, iron, power, forestry or agriculture.

Fanquip supplies a large range of ventilation equipment for a variety of industries both nationally and internationally. It provides a complete service - from system design and installation to ongoing maintenance.

As both businesses are based in the Hunter Valley region of NSW, they have a direct link to the mining sector of that area and Corky's has invested much time and effort into meeting its needs in relation to the carbon tax threat.

Coal mines release methane in their ventilation air. Methane has a greenhouse index 25 times that of carbon dioxide, meaning each molecule traps 25 times more heat in the atmosphere.

Corky's has developed tailored technologies that convert this methane into carbon dioxide and heat. The heat produced can be utilised and converted into renewable energy or used for space heating or cooling.

Corky's patented technology specialises in the reduction and beneficial use of waste products. Two wastes in particular are targeted: these being coal mine Ventilation Air Methane (VAM) and biomass or household waste. Industries that have biomass include forestry and agriculture. Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) is also increasingly becoming a problem for local councils. These biomass and MSW waste-to-energy processes also have large amounts of electricity generation potential.

The Corky's Group comprises Corky's Carbon and Combustion, Corky's Carbon Consultancy and Corky's Sustainable Energy.

The process engineering consultancy, Corky's Carbon Consultancy, work with miners, iron makers and primary industry. Some of the feasibility studies that the company have completed include saw dust utilisation, animal waste utilisation and subsequent contaminated water treatment and recycling.

The company also conducts risk management including functional safety analysis and Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) studies, as well as continuous improvement including quality assurance and the development of a design assurance process within the mining industry.

Corky's supports mine development by providing coal seam assessment and marketing support. Steel works are assisted through the assessment of coal properties, to develop better coking coal mixes.

This improves blast furnace and coke oven performance and reduces fuel consumption. Other typical services include biomass and waste resource mapping, refractory design, greenhouse gas emission reporting and project feasibility assessments.

Fanquip specialises in air movement and ventilation products and services. Its sphere of influence includes mining, construction, food and beverage, agriculture, general industrial, power and energy and general maintenance.

An important aspect of Fanquip's turnkey approach is its ability to institute appropriate safety measures to allow easy ongoing inspection and maintenance – particularly for roof mounted solutions.

Fanquip has introduced state-of-the-art fan selection and performance technology to easily and accurately select the right fan for the right application. As such, Fanquip can answer most specialty ventilation requirements.

For more information, please contact, Fanquip. 1800 224 308.

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