Velodome Shelters Goes Indoors

Velodome Shelters is now offering indoor bike storage solutions.

Velodome Shelters, a New Jersey manufacturer of outdoor bicycle parking products, announced this week that it has expanded its product line of bicycle parking shelters and bike racks to include indoor bike storage equipment.

Velodome's new products include bike lockers, bike cages and high-capacity bike racks. The new bike lockers are constructed of either fiberglass reinforced plastic, which can be used indoors or outdoors or a welded wire mesh model that stores bikes vertically. All of the lockers can safely secure 1-2 bikes depending on the model. The bike cages use standardized wire partitions that can be configured into multi-sided enclosures and quickly transform an open area, storage room, office, or parking garage without the cost of customization.

"Expanding our product line to include indoor bike storage products is a natural extension for Velodome," Richard Cohen, the company president, said. "Whether it's outdoors or indoors, protecting bikes from the elements and theft is at the heart of our company."

Increasingly multi-family properties are looking for solutions to accommodate bikes. Most apartments don't have room for storing bikes and when they do, they often track wet, dirty tires into their homes. While architects and developers increasingly include bike storage rooms into their plans, owners of existing buildings don't have that luxury and have to be more creative. To address these problems, Velodome's bike lockers and cages can be configured to create secure, bike storage areas that are locking and accessable only to designeated users. They offer several styles of high-density bike racks, including vertical and semi-vertical models that maximize bike storage capacity and keep the areas neat and orderly.

Though creating a bike storage room can be a daunting task for condo or coop boards and property managers, Velodome's bike parking experts can assist their customers with bike room layouts and rack selection. Property owners and managers are finding that bike storage areas reduce bikes chained to railings, fences and on balconies as well as scratched halls, walls, elevators and wet and muddy public areas. They also eliminate fire hazards from bikes stored in halls and stairwells.

From an economic perspective, older buildings that provide the amenity of secure bike storage areas allow them to better compete with new properties and make their properties more valuable. Increasingly landlords and condo boards charge their residents a nominal amount to store their bikes in a common bike storage area which offsets maintenance increases. A side benefit of charging for bike storage is that it also eliminates bikes that clutter basements and storage rooms. Many times residents no longer live there or kids have moved off to college.

For properties that don't have indoor bike storage space, Velodome also manufactures enclosed and locking bike shelters that become secure, outdoor bike rooms.

Amenities such as heavy duty, public bike pumps and repair stands are also available to enhance the utility of either outdoor or indoor bike rooms.

About Velodome Shelters

Based in Clifton New Jersey, Velodome Shelters specializes in design, engineering and manufacturing innovative bicycle parking shelters and bike racks that protect bikes from the elements and deter theft. For indoor bike parking and bike rooms, Velodome offers a diverse range of bike storage solutions and bike repair accessories.

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