Vehicle Management Software offers fault code monitoring.

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Part of g3 solution that connects onboard computer to vehicle's engine, PerformX(TM) uses fault codes to wirelessly alert fleet maintenance managers of vehicle malfunctions and future maintenance issues. Fault codes can be set to deferred for batch downloading or real-time for immediate notification. All data can be viewed via PeopleNet Fleet Manager web interface. On-board diagnostics feature, OBD-II, extends PerformX capabilities to light trucks, vans, and automobiles.

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PeopleNet Introduces Remote Fault Code Monitoring and OBD-II to PerformX Vehicle Management Platform

Minneapolis, Minn. - February 5, 2007 - PeopleNet has announced two major enhancements to its vehicle management system, PerformX(TM). Fault codes, the first enhancement, will enable PerformX to alert fleet maintenance managers of vehicle malfunctions and future maintenance issues wirelessly and in real time. The second, OBD-II (On-Board Diagnostics), will extend PerformX capabilities to light trucks, vans and automobiles.

PerformX is the vehicle monitoring module of PeopleNet's g3 solution which connects the Onboard computer to the vehicle's engine. g3 is the industry's leading mobile communications and onboard computing system.

PerformX draws data from the engine control module on a vehicle. PerformX reports show managers precisely how a vehicle has functioned and how it was driven.

PeopleNet is now adding remote fault code monitoring to PerformX capabilities. Fault codes are generated by the vehicle's engine whenever there is an exception condition. For example, if oil pressure declines below a certain point or if a parking brake switch has an abnormal frequency, a fault code will be generated. The fault codes point out and provide data on individual exceptions to the vehicle's normal performance.

With the addition of fault codes, PerformX can notify management of urgent vehicle distress signals at virtually the same time they are indicated to the driver by instruments on the vehicle's dash. Management will be able to make critical decisions, which could include how to respond to a roadside breakdown. Immediate knowledge of significant vehicle problems can also prevent future, potential breakdown situations. This can inform operational decisions, especially when a hot load or important appointment is concerned. Fault codes can be set to "deferred" for batch downloading or they can be set to "real-time" for immediate notification at the customer's option. All data can be viewed via the PeopleNet Fleet Manager web interface. This can prove especially useful during scheduled Preventative Maintenance checkups for the vehicles.

"Many fault codes are of a non-critical nature, so all fault codes in PerformX are 'deferred' by default. PeopleNet customers can select the codes they deem significant and reset them to 'real-time' mode," said Brian McLaughlin, VP-Marketing and Product Planning. "Customers can change code settings at any time. PerformX fault codes can be set for one truck at a time, for a group of trucks or for an entire fleet.

A second major PerformX enhancement is OBD-II capability.

"Most class 6, 7 and 8 trucks use the J1587 standard for data exchange over a J1708 electronic on-board network. OBD-II, on the other hand, is the standard for virtually all other vehicles, from light trucks, vans and SUVs to cars," McLaughlin explained. "PeopleNet is leading the way by offering both. The PerformX OBD-II capability means PerformX tm can be also used for vehicles other than heavy trucks. Current customers can now outfit their entire fleets with PerformX giving them consistent driver and vehicle management across the fleet. Additionally, this opens up new markets including local delivery and service fleets to PeopleNet with the PerformX product line."

Fault codes and theOBD2 capability will be available for PeopleNet customers at the end of Q1, 2007.

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