Vehicle Data Loggers capture temp, speed, and pressure.

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Available in 3 models, Influx Rebel CT Data Loggers enable collection of data from several sources, without any user interaction, for extended periods. Utilizing multiple high-speed microprocessors, units can simultaneously capture data from 3 different CAN sources with additional sensor options available. Loggers are equipped for Ethernet communication and support SDHC card data storage. Packaged in IP68 enclosure, units can be expanded to include GPS, accelerometer, WiFi, and 3G Modem.

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Influx Offers New All-in-One Vehicle Datalogger

Rebel CT Records Vehicle Network and Sensor Data

CHESTERLAND, OH – CAS DataLoggers and Influx Technology are proud to announce the new Rebel CT vehicle datalogger a vehicle data collection solution enabling robust and reliable collection of data from several sources, without any user interaction, for extended periods. Influx Rebel series data loggers provide a flexible and affordable communications interface for in-vehicle electronic modules. Utilizing multiple high-speed microprocessors, they can simultaneously capture data from 3 different CAN sources with additional sensor options available.

Vehicle Data Loggers:

Influx Technology specializes in designing unique CAN-based vehicle data loggers to meet exacting vehicle engineering demands. These sophisticated devices capture real-time data across many factors including temperature, RPM, brake and throttle settings, latitude, longitude, speed, and more.

Offering a complete solution for vehicle network and sensor data, the Rebel CT records vehicle data such as temperature, speed and pressure. Due to the compact size and robustness of the Rebel data loggers, they are uniquely suited for problem investigations in the field.

Setup is easy with no need to write complex scripts so users can start monitoring in minutes. For CANbus datalogger applications, the Rebel data loggers can be used to collect raw CAN messages in a ‘Listen Only’ mode. Additionally, most of the OBD data users require can be acquired without the need for other instrumentation.

The Rebel CT vehicle datalogger is available in three models:

  • Rebel CT Standard – for applications that do not require a lot of external instrumentation

  • Rebel CT Analog – enabling up to two H-Box instrumentation ports

  • Rebel CT FlexRay – combines FlexRay, additional CAN channels, LIN and an external H-Box instrumentation port

The Rebel CT is also equipped for Ethernet (LAN) communication and supports SDHC card data storage, with the SD card securely housed behind a flap panel. It is packaged in a robust IP68 enclosure and can be expanded to include GPS, accelerometer, WiFi, and 3G Modem. Users can also opt for a 1kHz internal XYZ accelerometer (+/-16G max), a K-Box, and a dash display.

  • 3x CAN buses

  • 1x K-Line

  • 4x digital I/O channels

  • 4x analog input channels

  • Ethernet (LAN)

  • SDHC card data storage

  • Dust and splash proof cover – SD card securely housed behind a flap panel

The standard Rebel Compact (CT) is a small robust data logger ideal for applications which require vehicle network data. It is packaged in a robust IP65 enclosure and can be expanded to include GPS, Accelerometer, Wifi and 3G.

OEM Engineering Data Acquisition:

The Rebel family of data loggers are also ideal for OEM vehicle and powertrain calibration engineering. The high-speed sampling rates acquire internal ECU parameters. Advanced protocols support CCP/xCP and UDS fast data acquisition making the Rebel an ideal tool to support engineering projects.


The H-Box offers a simple solution to integrate external vehicle sensors with vehicle network data. It does this by connecting the Rebel instrumentation ports to the H-Box which has 7 BNC connectors for the analog input and up to 8 thermocouple inputs.

The H-Box is ideal for applications where there is a smaller limit to the number of external sensors required (maximum of 14 Analog inputs and 16 Thermocouple inputs).

Network Analyzer and Diagnostics

Module Analyzer is a 5-in-1 easy-to-use CAN bus analyzer with the following features:

  • Automotive OBD ISO15765 Scan tool and J1939 functions

  • Automotive UDS support ISO14229

  • Integrated ODX/MDX editor

  • CAN and LIN BUS monitoring via DBC/LDF files

  • Data acquisition and logging

Typically CAN network analysis tools require you to use a separate application for automotive such as J1939, UDS diagnostics, module reprogramming and CAN monitoring functions. Module Analyzer brings these features together in a single environment.

Diagnostics & Analysis

Module Analyzer can build a framework ODX file in minutes for any UDS compliant production vehicle. The ODX file created by the scan process can be transferred to the vehicle data loggers for continuous monitoring.

Module Analyzer supports ISO15765 and ISO14229 diagnostic protocols. It also supports ODX and MDX diagnostic databases. Data Analysis is included in Module Analyzer enabling you to monitor live data graphically. In record mode, data can be post analyzed and exported to the format of your choice. Several export formats supported including MDF, Vector ® DAT, MathWorks® MAT, S3T and CSV.

Module Analyzer Plus version is enabled for module reprogramming and supports Pass Thru J2534 compatible devices.

For more info on the new Rebel CT vehicle datalogger, additional Influx products, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit our website at

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