Vegetable Based Oil cuts metal and is user-friendly.

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Vascomill 22 provides lubrication of CNC machinery for metal removal operations from low to high cutting speeds. Derived from renewable raw materials, oil has high flashpoint for viscosity, and generates minimal mist, vapor or smoke. Suitable for Swiss-automatic lathes, oil can be used in machining stainless steel, titanium, high temperature alloys, beryllium copper and in medical industry applications.

Original Press Release:

Blaser Swisslube Inc. Vascomill 22 Vegetable Cutting Oil

Blaser Swisslube Inc., premier supplier of high end Swiss quality metal working fluids announces Vascomill 22 cutting oil. Vascomill 22 straight vegetable based oil is universal for most operations and materials and offers superior cutting performance and lubricating properties in metal removal operations from low to high cutting speeds. Vascomill 22 was specially designed to achieve high performance on tough materials when end users need excellent surface finish, tool life and lubricity. These properties make Vascomill 22 ideal for medical industry applications as well.

Vascomill 22 vegetable oil provides the ultimate in cutting performance for CNC machinery, including Swiss-automatic lathes, and in operations machining tough materials such as stainless steels, titanium, high temperature alloys, and beryllium copper. The flash point for Vascomill 22 is very high for the viscosity, and the product generates minimal mist, vapor or smoke formation during use. Vascomill 22 ensures better skin compatibility for operators compared to mineral oil based products with large amounts of additives. Vascomill 22 is derived from renewable raw materials.

Founded in 1936 Blaser Swisslube Inc. has created lubrication solutions for nearly 70 years. Blaser metal working fluids are recognized world wide for dependability in improving tool life, production, and part quality while reducing overall production costs. Blaser products are developed by a team of researchers in laboratories at the Blaser headquarters in Switzerland, and US production is based in Goshen, NY. For more information about Blaser please visit

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