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Vector Robotic Arm suits educational applications.

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Vector Robotic Arm suits educational applications.

Jun 10, 2014 - Fully assembled and ready to be programmed in C language, Model R700 is suited for teaching or learning basics of electronics, mechanics, and programming. Example programs can be downloaded to ATMEGA64 microcontroller using supplied USB interface and RobotLoader software. Constructed of heavy gauge aluminum, robot features 6° of freedom and is controlled via keyboard or RACS software. I/Os, together with I2C bus system, allow addition of extra modules.

Original Press Release

Global Specialties Introduces the R700 Vector Robotic Arm

Press release date: Jun 09, 2014

Yorba Linda, CA, — Global Specialties today introduced the Vector Robotic Arm. The R700 is a high quality robotic arm for educators and robotics enthusiasts. Fully assembled and ready to be programmed in the C language, it is ideally suited for teaching or learning the basics of electronics, mechanics and programming.

The robot comes with many example programs already written. Easily download them to the ATMEGA64 microcontroller using the supplied USB interface and the RobotLoader software. Or write your own custom programs using the free open-source WinAVR software.

Control the robot using the included keyboard or RACS software. Using the software you can record the movements of the Vector and play them back.

The I/Os (in and outputs), together with the flexible I2C bus system, allow the addition of extra modules such as wireless control.

The Vector Robotic Arm features:

Heavy gauge aluminum construction.
6 degrees of freedom.
Robot control with keyboard or RACS software.
ATMEGA64 processor.
Complete 72-page manual.
USB interface.
Various available I/Os.
I2C bus.
RobotLoader software for easily downloading sample programs.
Included 12V power supply.

Available immediately, the Vector Robotic Arm has an MSRP of $395.

For additional technical specifications, accessories, photos, videos, and support documents, visit: R700 Vector Robotic Arm Web Page

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