VCI Packaging protects metal parts.

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Consisting of flexible packaging made with low temperature polymer and vapor corrosion inhibitors, VCI-2000 protects exterior and hard-to-reach interior of ferrous and most non-ferrous metal parts. Slow release vapor action offers long-term protection for regional and overseas shipments and storage. Product line includes bags, sheeting and tubing for automatic packaging machines, and embossed films for bearing packaging as well as emitters, powder packs, foams, and wire.

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Polyair Introduces the VCI-2000(TM) Anti Corrosion Packaging Line

Polyair's Joint Venture with Grofit Plastics Results in Introduction of VCI-2000(TM)

TORONTO, April 10 / -- Polyair,, a leader in the North American protective packaging market, announces the introduction of the VCI-2000(TM) line of Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI's) packaging. This product introduction is the result of Polyair's joint venture with Grofit Plastics, a leader in the design and manufacturing of anti- corrosion films and packaging. VCI-2000(TM),, represents a complete packaging product line of VCI's that have changed the automotive and steel industries by switching from older traditional corrosion prevention systems to an environment friendly and economical VCI packaging system which protects the exterior and hard-to-reach interior surfaces of metal parts.

Major companies in the automotive and electronics sectors depend on VCI-2000 flexible packaging and emitters to prevent corrosion for products in storage and in transit. The introduction of the VCI-2000 line is in response to customers' call for flexible packaging made with the latest polymer technology with vapor corrosion inhibitors that protect ferrous and most non- ferrous metals from corrosion. "The slow release vapor action of the VCI-2000 line offers long term corrosion protection to a variety of metals including carbon steels, stainless steels, copper, brass, aluminum, silver and galvanized steel," said Alan Castle, President of Polyair Packaging.

Polyair's VCI-2000(TM) provides the highest available long-term corrosion protection for ferrous and most non-ferrous metals due to its low temperature polymer and co-ex extrusion technologies. The VCI-2000(TM) product line provides corrosion protection for regional and overseas shipments and storage. This product line includes:

-- Polyair's complete line of anti-corrosive VCI packaging products includes:
-- VCI-2000 Bags, Zipper bags, Gusseted Bags and Shrink bags
-- VCI-2000 Sheeting and Tubing for automatic packaging machines
-- VCI-2000 Embossed films for bearing packaging
-- VCI-2000 Emitters, Powder Packs, Foams and Wire to provide corrosion protection.

"Grofit aligned with Polyair to ensure wider distribution and availability of our industry-leading anti-corrosive films and packaging products," said Buki Schwartzman, President of the Polyair-Grofit joint venture company VCI2000, based in Northbrook, Illinois. "Polyair and Grofit Plastics are committed to ensuring the availability of cost-efficient packaging and storage methods that offer product integrity that protects ferrous and non-ferrous metals from corrosion."

About Polyair
Polyair, a division of Polyair Inter Pack Inc. (AMEX:PPK), manufactures a complete line of protective packaging products and integrated packaging systems. Polyair Inter Pack Inc. is an industry leader in the North American protective packaging and swimming pool accessory markets. Founded in 1968, the company is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and sells its products through a network of more than 3,000 distributors across North America. Operating seven manufacturing facilities in the US and four in Canada, Polyair and its team of more than 1,200 employees is committed to providing innovative and unique products and solutions that go beyond customer expectations. For more information, visit .

About Grofit Plastics
Grofit Plastics, a leading Israeli company specializing in Active Packaging solutions and re-sealable zipper bags, manufactures a complete line of Anti Corrosion VCI Packaging under the VCI200 brand name for the European and Asian markets. Founded in 1988, the company is headquartered in Kibbutz Grofit Israel. Grofit Plastics sells its products through distribution network across Europe and Asia. For more information, visit .

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