Vapor Steam Cleaner helps clean and disinfect spas.

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Serving commercial steam cleaning applications, KleenJet® Mega 1000CV offers temperatures up to 356°F and pressures to 105 psi. HEPA filter can extract stray allergens up to 3 microns, and Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization™ (ATIS®) technology kills up to 99.999% of bacteria from surfaces. With 3 L water chamber, 4 L boiler, and 3 L detergent chamber, machine cleans basins, floors, instruments, tubs, benches, and other surfaces in spas and can also spot clean carpets and upholstery.

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KleenJet Vapor Steam Cleaner from Daimer is Released to Spas

Daimer Industries, Inc.®, the globally reputed company supplying advanced systems for most cleaning tasks within hundreds of markets, including technologies such as mobile steam cleaner machines, diverse floor cleaning machines, vapor-enhanced grout steam cleaner systems, car wash machines, and many others, is debuting the KleenJet® Mega 1000CV to handle commercial steam cleaning applications, such as the maintenance of spas.

The commercial steam cleaner offers temperatures up to 356°F, pressure levels up to 105 psi, and features a three liter water chamber, four liter boiler, and three liter detergent chamber for effective cleaning. Daimer® offers the industry's only EPA-compliant steam vacuum cleaners with sophisticated technologies unavailable in other brands' models in the world. During a special promotion, the company is also offering its Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization™ (ATIS®) technology and HEPA filter for free with the machine. The patent-pending ATIS® technology, integrated within the steam cleaner’s boiler, is certified to kill up to 99.999 percent of bacteria from most kinds of surfaces. HEPA can extract stray allergens up to three microns in size.

“Spas are a luxury for many people who seek a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation from the stresses and strains of everyday life. Therefore, it is very important to keep these spas properly cleaned and disinfected so as to provide customers with a safe and relaxed environment, says Daimer Industries, Inc.® spokesperson, Matthew Baratta. “Daimer® is delighted to present the KleenJet ® Mega 1000CV vapor steam cleaner with the company's exclusive Water Capture™ feature and other top-grade technologies that help to clean and disinfect basins, floors, instruments, tubs, benches, and other surfaces in spas. The system’s multi-functionality makes it easy to use for a varied range of spa cleaning jobs. Most importantly, the machine is not a real carpet steam cleaner, but it can spot clean carpets and upholstery.”

Daimer® is a universally renowned supplier and brand of cleaning machines that are used within most industries. The company offers 700+ models and ships to over 240 countries. High-quality, durable, and reliable equipment are important factors buyers expect from Daimer® all across the globe. Nationally or internationally, Daimer® machines are ranked as the web's best steam cleaner brand, and are used practically everywhere. Homeowners, businesses, cleaning professionals, and others prefer buying Daimer® machines over other brands’ cleaning systems.

The proper maintenance of spas is critical, especially in light of increased competition from other spa centers. Regularly and thoroughly steam mopping the floors, arranging fresh and disinfected spa tables for each new client, and keeping the washroom sinks, door knobs, taps, and mirrors clean are ideal for creating a comfortable and refreshed atmosphere. The cleaning results offered by the KleenJet® Mega 1000CV industrial steam cleaner give clients a reason to visit the spa again.

The Mega system makes an excellent floor steam cleaner Daimer® offers a wide array of tools for literally hundreds of surfaces and applications, including tile and grout cleaning, the maintenance of vinyl flooring, sealed hard wood floors, and other non-porous flooring surfaces, and much more. Users can opt for steam vacuum cleaner tools or else switch the wand and hose for cleaning surfaces for which the kit's specific tools are appropriate. Rugged grout steam cleaner tools are available to make the renewing of grout an easy task from a standing position. Users that have traditionally worked on their hands and knees can now perform tasks without the tedious stresses and strains.

Daimer®'s technologies help prolong equipment life and even assist cleaning staffs in working more quickly and productively. The company's Boiler Scale Reduction™ technology helps in preventing the buildup of minerals or scale, and is crucial for maintaining maximum temperature and pressure. Advanced Self-Regulating Continuous Refill Technology™ from Daimer® is a self-regulating water-refill technology to help operators by automatically filling the steam cleaner with water while it is still in operation. The system does not need to be shut down for refilling like other brands' products on the market. Their systems can require up to 40 minutes or so just to refill and heat the system for reuse after water depletion.

Some customers or employees may sometimes chew gum and dispose it off right on floors or outside the premises. The Daimer® commercial steam cleaner offers an optional chewing gum removal kit, which includes a gum removal liquid and brushes to help dissolve gum deposits stuck to a multitude of surfaces. The durable portable steam cleaner includes a cart and can be rolled effortlessly within and outside the facility as necessary.

A crucial feature included within all of Daimer®’s steam cleaning machines is the company's patented, replaceable heating elements. Unlike other brands that require a complete boiler replacement at prices up to and over $800, Daimer®’s heating elements cost a mere fraction of the price of a boiler. Customers can rest assured the chances of requiring a heating element replacement with any of the company's reliable vapor steam cleaner machines is very remote.

For Additional Information:

Further information about the KleenJet ® Mega 1000CV industrial steam cleaner can be gained by visiting the supplier’s website or by calling Matthew Baratta at (888) 507-2220. The systems are exported to most nations globally.

About Daimer Industries, Inc.®:

Daimer Industries, Inc.® is the leading brand of cleaning machines, including carpet steam cleaner systems, steam vacuum cleaners, pressure wash systems, automobile detailers, hard surface cleaners, and more. The machines are excellent for pest control and any applications for which cleaning and disinfecting are important. The company's machines can handle virtually all types of commercial cleaning applications mostly anywhere in the world where electricity or a generator is available.

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