Vanguard Scientific Broadens Portfolio Focus With Addition Of Revolutionary Autovap Series Of Solvent Recovery Technologies

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- TRUSTEEL, LLC ("TruSteel" or the "Company"), the creator and manufacturer of the AutoVap™ Series of falling-film evaporation technology, has finalized strategic alignment with pioneer technology integration firm Vanguard Scientific Systems. The announcement of this go-forward partnership comes on the eve of the largest annual Cannabis industry conference, the 'Marijuana Business' MJ BizCon held November 14-16, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

"The TruSteel partnership with Vanguard brings us both one step closer to our vision to offer this industry clean, efficient, scalable, end-to-end solutions. While current consumer demands can now be met, there can be a strong focus on innovation and development with our partners. 2019 is looking to be a progressive year for TruSteel and for the extraction industry as a whole." 


Ray Van Lenten
Founder / Chief Technology Officer  - TruSteel

"As Vanguard begins to rapidly scale through 2019 to address the domestic and international markets of both Cannabis and Hemp, the ability to find such strong synergies between both Vanguard and TruSteel leadership and equipment offerings significantly increase our capability to understand and unlock Value for our customers."


Matthew Anderson
CEO - Vanguard Scientific Systems

The AutoVap™ falling film, rapid evaporation technology created by TruSteel has revolutionized what has traditionally been the largest bottleneck and cost-center in scaling commercial cannabis and hemp processing operations. The primary AutoVap™ unit, the AV30, is capable of solvent reclamation rates more than 10-times that of currently available rotational evaporative systems, with an average of greater than ninety-five percent total solvent recovery. 


Vanguard and TruSteel are optimizing procurement and manufacturing capabilities through the integration of the AutoVap™ series onto the integrated ISO-9001 compliant manufacturing platform Vanguard has established. This significantly increases the production capability of the AV30 in order to meet increasing customer demand. Both companies are also harmonizing sales, marketing and on-going customer service-engineering functions. 

In addition to the AutoVap™ series of technologies, the combined design and engineering teams of Vanguard and TruSteel have initiated research and development efforts to develop integrated system technologies aimed to address underserved needs of the processing cycle. With a collective effort to develop these revolutionary end to end solutions, the two engineering teams are aided by experts in the fields of medical devices, oil & gas, defense and aerospace.


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