Vanguard Integrity Professionals Extends Capabilities of Market Leading Mainframe Security Software

Provides Higher Levels of Protection, Lowers Total Cost of Ownership

LAS VEGAS, April 10 -- Vanguard Integrity Professionals, a leader in enterprise security solutions, today announced the new release of its family of powerful mainframe security software products. Vanguard software provides large enterprises that have mainframe systems running IBM System z Security Server (RACF) with complete security administration, analysis and auditing capabilities that deliver significantly higher levels of protection at a much lower total cost of ownership than alternatives. More than 550 customers globally are using Vanguard's mainframe security software products to make their enterprises more secure.

"I have personally relied on Vanguard products for years and have found their approach to managing the mainframe environment to be the most secure and easiest to use," said Jim Cuddy, security analyst, Franklin Templeton Group. "With Vanguard products, we don't have to rely on hard-to-find, seasoned mainframe professionals for important day-to-day administration and reporting tasks. The Vanguard user interfaces and processes are so intuitive that they actually teach administrators how to use the mainframe. "Vanguard's mainframe security applications provide companies with complete mainframe security protection. The new versions offer significant improvements and enhanced capabilities including:

o Vanguard Administrator(TM) offers the highest levels of security
administration to simplify and enhance security management functions on
systems running RACF®. Administrator includes the widest range of
administration, data mining and reporting tools available today. The
new release adds enhanced digital certificate management, strengthened
user authentication, protection of LDAP client configurations, support
for PCICC private key, and expanded masking capabilities.

o Vanguard Advisor(TM) provides the most comprehensive event detection,
analysis and reporting capabilities for the mainframe environment.
Advisor accesses log data and information from RACF to guide
administrators or analysts in finding and fixing potential security
problems. Enhancements in the new version include expanded DB2 summary
and detail reports and the ability to display full RACF commands when
reporting events and violation details.

o Vanguard Analyzer delivers comprehensive system integrity, verification
and auditing solutions that include assessment, risk identification,
threat analysis, and specific instructions on how to fix identified
problems. Analyzer simplifies the audit process and provides an in-
depth overview of current system status, identifies exposures in simple
business risk language, and prioritizes findings for immediate action.
The new version adds support for duplicate module analysis to make it
easier to research the validity of datasets, and increased filtering of
audit findings resulting in more focused and meaningful reports.

o Vanguard Enforcer(TM) provides real-time intrusion protection,
detection and management solutions for the mainframe that are proven to
prevent human error and deliberate attacks. Enforcer protects critical
data and other resources by ensuring that an organization's security
and compliance standards, policies, rules and settings are in place and
enforced. The new version is EAL3+ certified and includes support for
maximum-length static system symbols and an upgraded, easier to use
ISPF user interface and administration guide.

o Vanguard Security Center(TM), the first Windows-based graphical user
interface for IBM's RACF and DB2 security administration, offers the
ideal solution for decentralized security administration. Security
Center graphically presents hard-to-find security information, replaces
dozens of native commands with easy point-and-click and drag-and-drop
operations, and provides an easy, intuitive training environment. The
new version includes support for multiple RACF database management,
password phrases, hard revokes, and dynamic caching of DB2 user
authorization changes.

o Vanguard inCompliance(TM) delivers continuous auditing to verify system
compliance with an organization's set security policies. inCompliance
provides an instant overview of an organization's entire RACF
environment, detailed views of any compliancy check, immediate
identification of high-risk situations and potential compliancy
violations, and recommends corrective actions where appropriate. The
new version includes baselines of data set profiles, easier compliance
reporting and backend database support for DB2 UDB for Windows.

o PasswordReset(TM) is an innovative self service, browser-based password
resetting solution that allows authorized users to quickly and securely
change their own RACF passwords anytime, from anyplace.

o ez/Token(TM) provides RACF systems with two-factor user authentication.
The new version adds support for ActivIdentity in addition to RSA

"We continue to listen closely to customer needs and combine that feedback with the stringent security and compliance requirements facing enterprises today," said Ronn Bailey, founder, CEO and CTO of Vanguard. "These new upgrades are significant and demonstrate our commitment to offering the best mainframe security solutions for enterprise and government customers worldwide."

The new versions of all Vanguard mainframe security solutions are available immediately. For more information, visit

About Vanguard

Vanguard Integrity Professionals is a pioneer and recognized world leader in security solutions for critical infrastructure computing since 1986. Customers have looked to Vanguard as the single-source solution for increased security through robust software products, comprehensive support, in-depth training programs, expert consulting, and security system migrations. Vanguard's Professional Services specialize in assisting organizations with the process of ensuring and protecting the integrity of their Information Systems and the confidentiality of their data. Each year, Vanguard produces the world's pre-eminent security conference: the Vanguard Enterprise Security Solutions(TM) & RACF® Users Training.

More information on these and other Vanguard Integrity Professionals products is available online at, or by calling 1-877-794-0014.

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