Valve Controller Trio satisfies various requirements.

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IN-Series interface units include three controllers: IN-23 Y 3 Proportiontal Controller uses control action that progressively closes valve. IN-VCC valve current controller interfaces between process loops and control valves; it accepts 4-20mA control signal and uses this to regulate current applied to valve. Phasecut controls Staefa valves. It modulates valve using 0-20V phase-chopped output signal referenced to 4-20mA input signal.

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The IN-SERIES of Low Cost Control/Interface Units

To compliment the Isolated and Loop Powered Line of Transmitters, VESPO MARKETING ASSOCIATES introduces the IN-SERIES of NON-ISOLATED CONTROL/INTERFACE UNITS. This series features three controller units with individual characteristics to satisfy different requirements.

The IN-23 Y 3 Position Time Proportiontal Controller has been primarily designed to control valves, where the control action will progressively close the valve. Normal 3 position on/off controllers will drive a valve either fully open or closed, which can make control extremely erratic. The IN-23Y, however, operates on a time cycle basis can turn the valve drive on and then off.

The IN- VCC Valve Current Controller is a current device used to interface between industrial process loops and control valves. The IN-VCC accepts a 4-2OmA control signal and uses this to regulate the current applied to the valve. The range of the valve control current is 4-20 mA, but is adjustable by using the Zero and Span trimpots.

The Phasecut Valve Controller is primarily designed to control Staefa valves. It modulates a valve using a 0 to20V phase chopped output signal referenced to a 4-20mA input control signal. A 4mA input signal represents a 0V of phase chopping and a 20mA control signal of 20V of phase chopping. Zero and Span adjustments are provided for fine-tuning of the Phasecut to individual valves if required.

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