Valtech Corporation Displays Full Line of Consumable Products Used in the PV Industry

POTTSTOWN, Pa. - Valtech Corporation, a leading global manufacturer of various consumable products used in the photovoltaic industry will be displaying their full line of high-performance epoxy adhesives, custom molded polymers, and formulated cleaning detergents at Intersolar North America, July 12-14, 2011, Moscone Center, San Francisco (Booth 9115).

Valtech's epoxy adhesive systems exceed the performance requirements in photovoltaic and semiconductor wafer production using both annular (ID) slicing and wire saw slicing processes. The two-component quick-curing temporary adhesives provide outstanding performance in maximizing production throughput and in reducing the amount of stress between the crystalline material and the adhesive, thus reducing the amount of edge chips that can occur during slicing. In addition, the adhesives prevent loading onto the saw blades, eliminating saw marks, increasing saw blade life, and improving slicing yields. Complete removal of the adhesive from the squared ingot bricks is achieved by applying direct heat, and through detergent wash for finished sliced wafers.

The company's custom molded polymer slicing beams are a unique alternative to glass plates for the mounting of silicon ingots for processing into wafers. The mounting beams offer several significant process advantages, as well as overall cost reduction in silicon wafering, including a grooved mounting surface to ensure consistent adhesive thickness and reduced processing time and adhesive usage compared to conventional glass plate mounting systems. In addition, the beams eliminate the need for intermediate aluminum and glass plates, allow for easy removal of wafers, and are able to be mounted directly to the wire saw fixture using standard screws.

The aqueous detergents are made with the highest purity raw materials for pre-and final cleaning of sliced silicon wafers in mechanical ultrasonic and in-line methods. The detergents are supplied in concentrated form for dilution with deionized water and are available in a wide variety of formulations including regular and low foam, which provide excellent cleaning characteristics while leaving no organic or inorganic residue after rinsing.


Founded in 1989, Valtech Corporation is a global manufacturer of specialty chemicals and consumable products including specialty epoxy adhesives, custom molded polymers, and formulated cleaning detergents, which are manufactured under the trade name VALTRON®. Valtech is headquartered in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, USA, and has manufacturing, sales, and research and development locations in the US, as well as sales and manufacturing in China and Southeast Asia. Valtech is ISO 9001: 2008certified and supports the requirements for REACH EC 1907/2007; basic objective of improving the European Union's chemicals regulatory system. For more information, visit

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