Valcor Scientific's Direct Acting SV95 Cryogenic Solenoid Valve Solution

The SV95 series is a direct acting 2-way normally closed solenoid valve designed to handle cryogenic fluids and gases down to -345°F. This series employs PTFE plunger guides which help the valve to operate in the extremely high friction environment that is typical with cryogenic applications. This feature also yields quiet operation and long life. The spring loaded disc and direct acting poppet design ensures proper sealing and reliable shifting in high on/off cycling.

SV95 Series Features

Food processing/freezing

Metal treatment

Backup system for biologic freezers

Environmental chambers

Gas chromatography

Fogging machines

Cryogenic surgery equipment

The SV95 cryogenic solenoid valve series is a rugged construction suitable for a variety of cryogenic applications such as the following:


Proprietary seat/seal design for cryogenic fluids -345°F

Direct acting design with no minimum operating pressure

Quiet operation with bubble-tight shutoff

Compact valve design

Pressure rating up to 100 PSI

Adaptable to manifold design

Mountable in any position


Valcor has the SV95 cryogenic solenoid valve series available. Contact the Valcor Scientific department to inquire about the SV95 cryogenic solenoid valve series. Contact the factory for details and specifications.

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