Vaisala Launches FALLS® 5.1, FALLS® Server 5.1, and TLD100 and TLD200 Upgrade

Vaisala has launched the FALLS (Fault Analysis and Lightning Location System) Server 5.1 and enhanced FALLS 5.1 client software for its global customers. FALLS software allows utilities and wind farm operators the ability to quickly determine if lightning has affected an asset. Customers can analyze events and access historical lightning data for both near-real time and past occurrences. The software allows customers to be proactive in their approach to determining damage caused by lightning.

In addition to releasing FALLS 5.1 software, Vaisala will also release its Thunderstorm Total Lightning Database (TLD100 and TLD200), which provides fast data collection and over 20 years of historical data for customers to use. The Total Lightning Database TLD100/200 is a processing module in the Vaisala Thunderstorm Information System that specializes in archiving cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning data for forensic applications.

"Vaisala is continually making advancements in lightning detection. With our FALLS software, electric utility engineers and wind farm operators are able to quickly and easily correlate a lightning event with damaged property, obtain statistics concerning the number of lightning events or magnitudes, and evaluate lightning challenges to transmission lines, turbine blades or even an area of land for input into the design and maintenance of their systems," says Steven Rowley, Product Manager at Vaisala.

"The improvements to the TLD100/200 allow access to lightning data from 1989 to the present day, providing a more powerful relational database for collecting and analyzing groups of data."

FALLS Server 5.1, FALLS 5.1 client software and TLD100/200 upgrades are available November 30, 2011.

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Steven Rowley, Product Manager, TLD

Tel. +1 720 369 4239

Dario Atallah, Product Manager, FALLS

Tel. +1 303 402 4719

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