Vacuum-Rated Encoder suits motion control applications.

Press Release Summary:

Rated to 10-8 Torr, Mercury(TM) 1,500 V Encoder features vented construction with vacuum compatible materials, rated for 48 hr bake out at 150°C. Designed to work with both linear and rotary glass scales, unit offers resolutions from 5-50 µm linear or 6,600-655,000 CPR rotary. Sensor produces A-Quad-B and bi-directional index window digital outputs. With alignment tolerance of ±2°, unit can be aligned in 30 sec without instrumentation.

Original Press Release:

MicroE Systems Introduces the Mercury(TM) 1500V, Ideal or High Performance Motion Control in Vacuum Rated Semiconductor Processing Applications

MicroE Systems introduces the new Mercury(TM) 1500V (M1500V) digital output vacuum rated encoder for motion control applications. The smallest high-performance digital output encoder available, it is rated to1E-8 torr. The sensor is vented, constructed with vacuum compatible materials, rated for 48 hour bake out at 150°C and works with both linear and rotary glass scales.

The small size and affordable price of the Mercury 1500V will reduce the cost and size of motion platform designs, while significantly improving their performance. Available resolutions range from 5µm to 0.50µm linear, or 6,600 CPR to 655,000 CPR rotary. Specify the factory-set interpolation level of x4, x8, x20, or x40 when placing your order.

A-Quad-B and bi-directional index window digital outputs are produced directly from the sensor that measures just 8.4mm tall, weighing just 2.7g. This low Z-Height sensor makes the M1500V kit encoder ideal for motion platform designs used in semiconductor processing equipment, electron microscopy, and other demanding vacuum-rated applications.

Broad alignment tolerances make Mercury encoder sensors the easiest to align in the industry. With an alignment tolerance of ± 2 degrees, the sensor can be aligned in 30 seconds or less without instrumentation.

The entire system is EMI shielded against electrical noise for use in PWM/EMI noise environments and is supplied with flying leads for customer termination at the vacuum wall.

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