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Enabling incorporation of smaller pumps into system designs, Turbo-V 81 series vacuum pumps increase instrument sensitivity in application areas that demand high vacuum integrity such as mass spectrometry, electron microscopy, and high energy physics. Model Turbo-V 81-T offers high speed with low power consumption in compact design, while Model Turbo-V 81-M featuring MacroTorr® stages, is suited for high foreline tolerance applications.

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Varian, Inc. Introduces Two New High Performance Turbo Pumps

PALO ALTO, Calif., Aug. 7 - Varian, Inc. (NASDAQ:VARI) today announced the introduction of two new high throughput vacuum pumps, the Turbo-V 81-M and the Turbo-V 81-T. The Turbo-V 81 series pumps can increase instrument sensitivity in application areas that demand high vacuum integrity such as mass spectrometry, electron microscopy, and high energy physics.

The Turbo-V 81-T represents a cost effective solution that in a more compact design offers significantly higher performance than most turbo pumps of the same class. The Turbo-V 81-M represents a major step forward in high throughput and high foreline tolerance applications, thanks to patented MacroTorr® stages: the higher foreline tolerance of the Turbo-V 81-M allows the use of smaller primary pumps, reducing overall system costs. Both models offer greater pumping speeds with reduced power consumption compared to the Varian Turbo-V 70 series pumps that they replace.

"The Turbo-V 81 pumps offer our customers the option of incorporating smaller, more efficient pumps into their system designs," said Sergio Piras, Senior Vice President of Vacuum Technologies, Varian, Inc. "For applications in physics and in the life sciences, we are increasing laboratory productivity and profitability by helping our customers develop instruments that can gather more information faster, at a lower overall cost."

Orders are being accepted now with delivery scheduled to begin later this calendar year.

Core to Varian, Inc.'s strategy is strengthening the company's information rich detection (IRD) product portfolio, which provides users with multi- dimensional layers of knowledge critical to their ability to optimize analyses and processes. These products include nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and magnetic resonance (MR) imaging, mass spectrometry (MS) and Fourier Transform- infrared (FT-IR) systems. Vacuum pumps like the Turbo-V 81 series are an integral component of mass spectrometry products.

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