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Vacuum Pumps employ ECO-FLO(TM) water conserving technology.

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Vacuum Pumps employ ECO-FLO(TM) water conserving technology.

Dec 28, 2012 - Designed to operate in demanding environments, both 2BE3 and 2BE4 are available in carbon steel and stainless steel. Each model comes with corrosion- and erosion-resistant, polyisoprene-lined body, and inlet configuration allows for both top and side inlet arrangements. Model 2BE4 offers capacities from 1,500–1,900 cfm, and allows operation over entire vacuum range without need to change pump internals. With center shroud, split vacuum operation to 12 in. Hg differential is possible.

Gardner Denver Nash - Charleroi, PA

Original Press Release

2BE3 and 2BE4 ECO-FLO(TM) Water Saving Technology

Press release date: Dec 01, 2012

The engineers at Nash have brought new technology and innovation to NASH 2BE3 and 2BE4 pumps.  The results:
• Lower operating costs
• Same reliability, same performance
• A “green” vacuum pump

ECO-FLO™ Benefits:
• Higher vacuum capability
• Reduces water usage by up to 50%
• Improves handling of system upsets
• Inlet and discharge piping are unchanged - bolt in replacement
• Uses existing base, motor and drive
• Potential payback of less than 6 months
• Overhaul to exacting Nash standards at a Nash Service Center
• Available in both carbon steel and stainless steel
• Nash 2 year warranty

About the Company:
Gardner Denver Nash is the Nash Division of Gardner Denver, Inc.  Originating from nash_elmo Industries, the company is the world's leading manufacturer of liquid ring vacuum pumps, compressors and engineered systems. For more than 100 years, Gardner Denver Nash has engineered and produced liquid ring pumps and vacuum and compressor systems for the most demanding applications in a variety of fields and industries.