Vacuum prevents food contamination.

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CFM 137 vacuum captures liquid and/or dry particles and scraps, which then travel to multi-stage HEPA filtration system, retaining up to 99.999% of particles down to .03 microns. It includes 3 bypass motors to eliminate burnout caused by clogging, 16 gal capacity removable wheeled container for disposal, and trolley for maneuverability. CFM 137 picks up dust and flour from processing equipment, ovens, and floors.

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Maximum-Power Vacuum for Food Industry Collects and Retains Every Last Crumb, Ensures Product Purity

Nilfisk-Advance America's CFM 137 prevents food contamination with its multi-stage HEPA filtration system - retaining up to 99.999% of particles down to .03 microns

MALVERN, Pennsylvania, November 27, 2001 -- Contamination-control
specialists in food processing facilities and cleanrooms agree that food safety is their number one concern. After all, 76 million cases of foodborne illness occur in the United States every year; therefore, preventing contamination at the processing level is critical. Nilfisk-Advance America helps contamination-control specialists ensure food product purity with its CFM 137 -- a powerful, effective vacuum cleaner
that picks up even the finest dust and flour from processing equipment, ovens, and floors.

The CFM 137 is built for maximum suction power and filtering efficiency to protect food from contamination. Once it captures liquid and/or dry particles and scraps, they travel through the cleaner's multi-grade HEPA filtration system. Here, they have little chance of escape - the filtration system is proven to retain up to 99.999% of particles down to 0.3 microns in size (for comparison, the diameter of a typical human hair is between 80 and 100 microns). Using a series of progressively finer filters, the complex system captures increasingly smaller
particles as they move through the vacuum, exhausting pure air into the cleanroom or manufacturing environment. An optional stainless steel design makes decontamination easy and further ensures process purity.

"We've talked to customers and other contamination-control specialists in the food industry about their biggest concerns," said Tracy Walton, Marketing Manager for Nilfisk-Advance America. "Across the board, the cry has been for an efficient machine that they can trust to safeguard food against contamination. The CFM 137 addresses this concern, easing
the pressure on them.",

Built for tough, industrial environments, the CFM 137 also features:
* a trolley for simple maneuverability;
* three bypass motors to eliminate the burnout caused by clogging;
* a 16-gallon capacity removable, wheeled container for convenient disposal; and
* includes the option for a 26-gallon container for increased

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