Vacuum Lifter offers variable lifting speed of 3 fps.

Press Release Summary:

VacuCobra uses vacuum force from oil-free, air-cooled, rotary vane vacuum pump with vacuum of 150 mbar to create constant upwards striving motion. Operator uses fingertip control to move VacuCobra down to attach suction cup to load and can flip suction cup upwards to attach to side of load if necessary. Unlimited horizontal rotation of goods while being lifted is possible using bottom swivel. VacuCobra handles goods weighing up to 80 lb with lifting heights up to 70 in.

Original Press Release:

High Speed Ergonomic Handling with TAWI New Addition, VacuCobra

Boxed goods can be handled at high speeds with this vacuum lifter where all time conceiving operating motions have been reduced to practically nothing. TAWI is introducing a newcomer to their series of vacuum lifters and this one has more than one similarity with its name, the cobra.

TAWI project supervisor Carlos Enmark tells the story; "The vision was to develop a vacuum lifter that would act as if the operator was a magician, merely having to point their finger to the goods to have it moved to the next position in the distribution line." Not possible, of course, but the basics are quite simple. The VacuCobra uses the vacuum force from an oil free working, air cooled rotary vane vacuum pump to create a constant upwards striving motion. The operator then uses the same vacuum and a fingertip control to move the VacuCobra down to attach the suction cup to the load. The vacuum force will assure that the suction cup instantly attaches to and holds anything it comes in contact with. To release there are two choices; a finger tip controlled quick release function for instant action or the more traditional motion of pushing the suction cup down towards the goods and tilting to let air pass under the suction cup. The finger tip controls combined with the upwards striving motion of the VacuCobra is a match that offers a very fast lifting aid. Unlimited horizontal rotation of the goods while being lifted is possible using a bottom swivel. This way the goods can be positioned correctly in midair, while being moved, before being placed on a pallet. An angle adapter ensures full freedom of motion when gripping the load. The goods do not have to be lifted from the top. The operator can flip the suction cup upwards to attach to the side of the goods, important in many distribution lines where goods are not always placed in neat lines on top of each other. VacuCobra handles goods weighing up to 80 lbs and lifting heights up to 70". The lifting speed is approximately 3'/s and variable. The vacuum pump works with a motor speed of 1420 rpm and a vacuum of 150 mbar. The VacuCobra has a unique ergonomic design and the two finger tip controls can easily be moved from the left to the right hand side to accommodate all operators.

Willowbrook, IL based TAWI was founded in 1923 and in addition to the VacuCobra, TAWI is a leading supplier of VacuMove vacuum lifters with capacities from 40 - 600 lbs and 10 models to
choose from; Protema battery operated aluminum stackers with capacities from 88 - 440 lbs and 7 models to choose from; ErgoLift industrial manipulators with capacities up to 1500 lbs, LR-Rail aluminum jib cranes with capacities up to 275 lbs and TH Hoist variable speed hoists up to 175 lb capacities available in single or 3 phase power.

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