Vacuum Generator Modules utilize all-in-one approach.

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Integrating pressure regulator, valves, and silencer into all-in-one plug-and-play format, LEM Series provides silent operation and clog-free performance. Units are available in 4 configurations with or without vacuum monitoring system and blow-off functions. Mounted from side or front, modules offer 2 vacuum levels of 60% or 90% and 3 nozzle diameters of 1, 1.2, and 1.4 mm. Display screen and controls allow for adjustment of all functions.

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LEM series - Mini Vacuum Modules

The "small-but-big" all-in-one vacuum generator

Being leaders of innovation, Coval offers a new generation of super compact vacuum generator modules with an "all-in-one solution" approach, thanks to its intelligent functions, modular features, quick response times, silent functioning and clog-free performance.

The compact nature of the LEM is a result of the integration of principal functions in a miniaturized format at the heart of the ejector. Pressure regulator, valves, silencer, and innovative vacuum monitoring system are integrated into an all-in-one, plug & play format thanks to its two M8 connectors. Additionally it also offers an adjustable blow off pressure function. For most traditional vacuum pumps, system functions need to be installed and fixed individually, resulting in an expensive, laborious and complex vacuum installation; a single LEM compact vacuum generator module solves all traditional problems. Considering the fact that the LEM modules offer an incomparable compact design, they can be placed close to the suction pads resulting in optimal efficiency while eliminating long tubing and energy losses found in traditional vacuum systems.

Communication is an essential factor for an optimal application of vacuum. Therefore, the LEM offers a display screen and controls allowing for an easy adjustment of all functions. The user benefits from real time information while controlling and monitoring the vacuum precisely at each level: vacuum generation as well as the preventive maintenance.

With its modular features the LEM answers the expectations of the users who wish to customize their equipment and reduce the overall cost and complexity of the system. The LEM exists in four different configurations (equipped or not with vacuum monitoring and blow-off functions), 2 vacuum levels (60% and 90%) adapted for porous or air-tight objects, and 3 nozzle diameters(1,1.2,1.4 mm) for precision and user choice - regarding suction flow rate. Further, Coval offers a choice of mounting options: from the side or from the front both individually and in series format.

The other essential feature of LEM is their energy savings. The LEM modules offer energy savings of more than 50% compared to traditional vacuum generators. The patented IPR (intelligent pressure regulation) system helps the LEM modules reduce the energy consumption to 50 psi - automatically, regardless of the pressure supply in the network; which is usually between 80 and 110 psi. This not only results in huge energy savings but also optimizes the overall performance of the vacuum generator.

With all new innovative features combined with intelligent functions, Coval's, LEM mini vacuum modules are an ideal choice for all vacuum handling applications, especially packaging, food and plastic molding industries which demand quick response times, compact design, low energy consuming, reliable and simple to use vacuum equipment.

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