V101 Management Services Uilizes gEHRiMed(TM) EHR Solution to Support Population Health Management

ASHEVILLE, N.C. – V101 Management Services has selected gEHRiMed™ as its Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution. V101 Management Services specializes in providing clinical oversight, education, and enhanced medical protocols and programming to our contracted partners, resulting in improved clinical care delivery for patients. V101 has become the industry standard as the provider of comprehensive clinical care solutions for patients and residents in the post-acute and long-term care markets. V101 is located in Canton, Ohio and has 28 Providers.

Nicole Thorn, President of V101 Management Services said, "The post-acute world is changing so rapidly today. As we continue to look for ways to meet the needs of patients in the post-acute and long term care arena, we found gEHRiMed™ to be the most ideal technology tool to help us proactively manage our patients and meet the demands of Meaningful Use, PQRS, and clinical decision support tools. Additionally to be the most advanced in its integration with other skilled nursing facility EHR's."

gEHRiMed™ is a 2014 Certified cloud based Electronic Health Record system designed by long term care practitioners for long term care practitioners. It is the leading electronic health record solution engineered to meet the specific needs of providers serving in multiple long-term care facilities. Long-term care providers face the same challenges as office-based clinicians but without the support of an administrative staff. gEHRiMed™' s easy-to-use interface and intuitive design is used by long term care practitioners and practices throughout the country to help increase their productivity, grow their practices, and maintain regulatory compliance. The choice of the gEHRiMed™ EHR solution will help Provider Health Services focus on delivering the highest value to its clinical community via a cloud based, cross platform, solution. gEHRiMed™ blends the efficiency of professional record keeping software with the functionality of the iPad™; the result is an application that maximizes productivity and improves the workflow unique to long-term care.

Geriatric Practice Management LLC created gEHRiMed™ and is the leader in geriatric healthcare information and technology solutions that advance practice, facility, operational, and financial results. To learn more, visit www.gehrimed.com.

Michael Healey

Chief Operating Officer

Media Contact: Steven A. Norene, 1-828-476-4613, snorene@gpm.md

SOURCE Geriatric Practice Management LLC

Web Site: http://www.gehrimed.com

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