UVC Emitters are designed for large HVAC systems.

Press Release Summary:

UVC Emitters, available in 36 and 42 in. lengths, kill microbes that grow in and circulate through HVAC systems including anthrax, viruses, mold, and mold products. Shatter-resistant tubes with plastic sheathing prevent glass contamination in event of tube breakage. All fixtures feature electronic power supply for optimum plasma stability and output.

Original Press Release:

"UVC" Lights In HVAC Systems Help Protect Buildings Against Anthrax Threat

Cerritos, CA, January 2002 - At AHR EXPO 2002 (Booth #4155), Steril-Aire. Inc. will introduce a new line of extended length "UVC Emitters(TM) in 36" and 42" lengths for application in largc HVAC systems. The multi-patented UVC devices kill the microbes that grow in and circulate through these systems, including anthrax, their spores and other bacteria, viruses
(including smallpox), and mold and mold products. The devices also keep coils and drain pans clean, greatly reducing maintenance requirements for these components while returning or
maintaining coil heat exchange efficiency for energy savings.

The new 36" and 42" tubes are the longest-length "high output" devices available and are ideally suited to a wide range of commercial, industrial, health care and food processing applications.

The longer tube generates greater output per fixture and can therefore reduce the total number of fixtures needed per application, for lower first costs, replacement costs and faster installation.

Steril-Aire's multi-patented UVC lights and applications are the first to be designed and the only ones to be independently tested specifically for use in cold and/or moving air. In addition to the new 36 and 42" devices, Steril-Aire also offers 18", 24" and 30" double-ended fixtures that may be combined to match any coil width. Single-ended configurations are also offered for commercial and residential applications. Shatter-resistant tubes, with a patent-pending plastic sheathing that prevents glass contamination in the unlikely event of tube breakage, are available for food, beverage and pharmaceutical grade applications. All fixtures feature an electronic power supply for optimum plasma stability and output, longer life, better energy performance and enhanced reliability.

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