UV Wood Floor Dryer eliminates lap lines.

Press Release Summary:

Equipped with 1 handheld irradiator and 1 floor irradiator, Total Cure UV Power-Shot 2400 Floor Curing System can instantly cure both waterborne/UV and 100% solid UV curable coatings while protecting work against zipper marks and lap lines. System has max output of over 2,400 W coupled with portability and 8 in. cure width. Requiring 220 V power source for operation, Total Cure distributes 1.5 W/cm² of intensity at high power.

Original Press Release:

The Latest in Hardwood Floor Refinishing Technology

A new era of UV coatings and floor curing systems for the wood flooring professional

Delray Beach, FL - - CureUV (www.cureuv.com)

CureUV is the only supplier of instant drying UV sealers/topcoats, both gloss and satin, for hardwood floor refinishing. UV (100%) satin topcoats cannot be accomplished using conventional walk-behind curing methods without leaving zipper or lap lines. For this reason, CureUV introduces the new Total-Cure UV Wood Floor Dryer. CureUV's high powered and lightweight ultraviolet sweeper eliminates lap lines from the floor refinishing process.

Advantages of our UV Coatings:

- CureUV is the only company that offers 100% UV curable solids for both Builder and Topcoats.

- During every step of the curing process, our specialized coatings Dry Instantly.

- There is Zero Wait Time.

- Our coatings are Green-Friendly and contain no VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds).

- Our Sealers and Topcoats have No Solvent Smells.

- Dry as fast as you can apply them.

The Total-Cure UV Wood Floor Curing Dryer is available online now. For additional information and to order from our web store, please visit:

About CureUV.com

CureUV is an international supplier and provider of UV coatings and ultraviolet curing systems. With 17 years of experience in UV technology, our experts are knowledged and dedicated to provide customers with solutions. CureUV is a proud member of the NWFA. CureUV can assist you to create custom designs to fit your curing application. Please visit our website at www.cureuv.com to explore our company, along with the products and services we offer.

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