UV Sterilization Cabinet kills >99% of surface microorganisms.

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Using Ultra-Violet C (UVC) light, UV Sterilization Cabinet can clean reusable lab goggles, headphones, flasks, or other supplies. UVC lamp at top is covered with aluminum reflector lining, and mirrors line internal walls to maximize exposure to UVC beams. Along with user-settable timer, features include 6 wire racks that eliminate most line-of-sight obstructions, closure with overlapping seal, and external red status light that glows during sterilization cycles.

Original Press Release:

UV Sterilization Cabinet from Terra Universal

Fullerton, CA – Maintain your critical cleanliness standards with Terra’s new UV Sterilization Cabinet. The six racks are designed to hold safety glasses or other small items for sterilization cycles within the enclosed cupboard.  Set the timer for the desired cycle time, typically just a few minutes.

Ultra-Violet C light kills greater than 99% of surface microorganisms, so it is an effective method for cleansing reusable lab goggles, headphones, flasks or other supplies. The UVC lamp is located at the top of the cabinet, and is covered with an aluminum reflector lining. Mirrors line the internal walls, also producing light reflections, which ensure maximum exposure to the UVC beams. Wire racks, with small surface areas, eliminate most line-of-sight obstructions.

The cabinet closes with an overlapping seal, preventing UV rays from being visible while a cycle is in process. Lock the cabinet’s two hinged doors for added security. An external red status light glows during sterilization cycles, serving as a safety warning for personnel. The compact cabinet can be hung on a wall, or sit on the benchtop.

Terra Universal has 40 years of experience manufacturing controlled environments furnished with equipment such as storage cabinets. Visit www.TerraUniversal.com for more information about their UV Sterilization Cabinets.

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