UV Sensor detects presence of fluorescent agents.

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Digital Model CZ-H52 detects materials that are invisible to naked eye, and can not be detected by photoelectric sensors. Unit emits UV light beam from transmitter in sensor head, and receiver picks up visible light reflected by fluorescent materials. Sputtered gold coating on receiver lens eliminates reflections from ambient and stray light. Detection range is 0.98-2.17 in. and minimum beam spot size is 0.39 in. at distance of 0.98 in. from target.

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New UV Sensor Detects Targets that are Invisible to Conventional Photoelectrics

The Keyence CZ-H52 UV Sensor is the newest addition to the CZ Series of Digital Fiberoptic Sensors. The CZ-H52 detects the presence of fluorescent agents used in a wide range of products and packaging materials. The CZ emits a UV light beam from the transmitter in the sensor head. The receiver picks up the visible light reflected by fluorescent materials.

The new digital UV sensor detects materials that are not only invisible to the naked eye, but cannot be detected by ordinary photoelectric sensors. Background patterns and colors do not affect sensor performance. A sputtered gold coating on the receiver lens eliminates reflections from ambient and stray light. A Turbo Mode boosts transmitter power for increased stability when required. The CZ-H52 now makes it possible to stably detect fluorescent materials in such targets as: labels on plastic, metal and glass containers, TEP (Tamper-Evident Packaging), as well as protective coatings on soft drink and medicinal containers, dyes, fluorescent paints, clear adhesives and a wide variety of other materials, The new CZ-H52 sensor is ideal for inspection and QC applications in industries such as: packaging, automotive, electrical/electronic, paints and coatings, adhesives, lubricants, food, pharmaceutical, metalworking, printing and more.

The small, compact sensor head is only 0.59" (W) x1.30" (H) x 0.94" (D) (15 x 22 x 24mm) enabling quick and easy installation in tight spaces. UV On and Detection LED indicators in the back panel of the sensor head display the in-use status. The CZ Sensor has a detection range of 0.98" to 2.17" (25 mm to 55 mm). Minimum beam spot size is 0.39" (10 mm) at a distance of 0.98" from the target. Fluorescence created by the 375 nm UV LED beam is clearly visible throughout the detection range. The CZ-H52 receiver detects fluorescent wavelengths from 425 to 550 nm.

Keyence engineers designed the new CZ-H52 sensor to operate with the same CZ-V21 A/22 dual digital display amplifier used by all the Super RGB Digital Fiberoptic Sensors in the CZ Series. The CZ-V21 Amplifier can store data for four target types simultaneously. Four separate outputs help simplify setup and eliminate the need for complex programming. Additional amplifier functions include: a shift function to compensate for environmental changes, external calibration, "One-Touch" automatic calibration, an attenuation function, three timer functions and a dual digital display of current and set values.

For further information, contact Phil Melore, Engineering Manager, Keyence Corporation of America, 50 Tice Boulevard, Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677. Tel: 888-539-3623 ext 70703, Fax: 201-930-1883 Email: PhilM.HQ@keyence.com.

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